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  • Dr. Mendonca was great! She worked with me in my treatment, gave me exercises to do at home, and have such great encouragement throughout! My treatment took less time than I expected which was a huge bonus! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    ~ Mala Kline ~
  • Very great experience. The therapist lady was very kind to me and knew exactly how my ankle was doing just from the first session. With each passing day, I could feel my ankle getting better and better. I went from just barely to being able to walk to jogging and now I can run and all it took was a couple of weeks. Now I can get back on my basketball grind thanks to the therapist lady.This was my first time doing therapy and it was a great experience. I feel better than ever now that my ankle is nearly 100 percent.

    ~ Jonathan Wonneh ~
  • The team at ACE is friendly, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable! I came in with very little knowledge and lots of questions, and my primary therapist Laxmi Gurung was able to break things down for me in a way I could easily understand. She helped me to figure out how to work exercises into my daily routine and stick to it. Would definitely recommend them!

    ~ Joseph Cathey ~
  • I have been here since March, as much as I hate PT! I absolutely love Laxmi, Manisha and amazing! They have put me back together. I’ve had a lot of injuries being a firefighter and two back surgeries, been to many of rehab facilities this is by far the best two Therapists I have ever had. I was back to full duty after shoulder surgery in May, and I have them to thank! I will never go any where but here!

    ~ Julia Jordano ~
  • My name is Rubén and I have Bell's paralisis on my face, I came to ACE fot therapy and the results are very good, thanks to Dr. Manisha Mendoca

    ~ Ruben Perez ~
  • Had a very great PT tech named Kevin, he’s cool he offered me noodles and company one time.

    ~ Seth Jan Medina ~
  • Dr. Manisha is great! She has a great bedside manner, is respectful, and cares for her patients. As someone with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, it is nice to be taken seriously and helped. I appreciate all she is doing to help ease my aches and pains.

    ~ Aisha Jamil ~
  • Dr. Laxmi is THE BEST!!! After years of lower back tightness, my condition became exacerbated by, a torn ACL. I had developed a lump of muscles on the left side of my back that made my life uncomfortable, but I chose to live with it and compensate for the discomfort. To top it all off I became super relaxed on my exercises. Not only did my back get worse, but my knee wasn't gaining strength and my whole body began to break down. After ONLY 3 SESSIONS with Doc Laxmi my back is almost level, no lumps, and the rest of the pain in my body from compensating for my knee has subsided. My legs are stronger, back is stronger, everything is fantastic! Just a few more sessions so that I can reach the rest of my goals!!

    ~ Elizabeth Perkins ~
  • Good service, nice people, especially Dr. LAXMI GURUNG very good therapist. She always friendly, nice and cool. Thank you, i got positive result from here.

    ~ Wahid Sharifi ~
  • What can I say? I was ambivalent about starting physical therapy but, when I first arrived, I was reassured that the work would be hard but worth it if I would stick it out. Drs. Laxmi Gurun and Manisha Mendonca, along with their staff have been nothing short of SUPERB. I recommend ACE and would definitely come back in the future should the opportunity present itself. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    ~ Charwin Nah ~
  • I enjoyed this facility greatly. They listened to my concerns and gave me an exact plan of what needs to be done for healing to begin. Comfortable space. Very Clean. You’re spoken to as a person and not just a Paitent. They care for you to get better and stronger.

    ~ Adiya Koram ~
  • My Name is Rodolfo Mendez and I want to tell everyone who is looking for good therapy, I strongly recommend this place, the service was execellent, the people were really supportive and helpful towards me and I know they will be helpful towards anyone. I got into an accident at work, my fingers were cut, close to the bone, and ACE therapy attended me, and it was great, they helped me a lot, and now I am working again just fine. Thank so much ACE therapy for everything, I can’t repay you back for what you’ve done for me, all I can do is thank you !

    ~ rodolfo mendez ~
  • When I came here I wasn’t walking normally and certainly couldn’t run like I had been doing. Manisha, Laxmi, and Aaron welcome everyone like Sam welcomed Norm everyday on Cheers. Together we work to get back to the strength we lost and emerge stronger and happier. If I ever need PT again, I will certainly return.

    ~ Meaghan Nigra ~
  • Five weeks ago I was in so much pain in my left knee that I was not sure of the outcome. My time at ACE has been amazing, as each visit helps me with the issues of my knee. I am able to sleep thru the night and use my knee in my daily activities. The staff welcomed me like family and showed such compassion in my success to get back to my daily routine. If I need their services again, I will go back and plan to refer my friends. Thank you!

    ~ Tamela Eggleton ~
  • A skilled and very friendly team. Aaron is great - he has been at this location for a number of years and he keeps the place running smoothly.

    ~ Joe B. ~
  • Excellent service and VERY knowledgeable staff! They are amazing in improving pain and mobility! This office does a very good job of working with their clients/patients. I've come in on multiple occasions and they have been very accommodating and helpful. I'm writing this review as I'm getting heat treatment on my back. I have come for my knee, my ankle and low back pain now and every time i am better than before. Highly recommend ACE alexandria.

    ~ Harold Disilva ~
  • Exceptional!!! When I first went to ACE on Duke Street, I was sort of skeptical, because my pain was really bothering me, and has been going on for a couple of years so I thought that the damage is so bad that it will be impossible to fix. After 4 weeks working under Laxmi Gurung and her team can I happily report that my pain is gone by 99%. It is kind of hard to believe given the fact how long I have suffered. Bravo Laxmi!!!

    ~ Samuel Gyulnazarian ~
  • Had a good little run of physical therapy with ACE. From day one they had me going and going for my runners knee. Been dealing with it since college, always just iced and usually goes away but this time just about did me in. After a full 8 weeks of crazy core and leg strengthening i not only feel great overall but my knee pains just about gone. As i have seen in other review's i too thought i did enough sit ups etc, but turns out i had a really weak core and hips. I feel way more stable and was all worth it to get me back to running.

    ~ Nigel Holdsclaw ~
  • I had a great experience while recovering from a labrum shoulder repair back in March. The staff were very friendly and flexible with scheduling. The typically services performed were heat pads before therapy, stretching by the physical therapist, daily exercises for stretching and strengthening, and ice/ e-stem at the end. I would definitely recommend ACE to a friend in the future.

    ~ Holly ~
  • Great staff and facility. Very knowledgeable and really help me to recover.

    ~ Dan Williamson ~
  • GREAT facility. Fantastic physical therapists and awesome customer service. I would not go anywhere else for physical therapy. I am only giving them five stars because Google won’t let me give them six.

    ~ Nora O'Connor ~
  • Love me some ace!!!! Been coming to ace off and on all throughout high school for my shoulders and neck. Banged them up in sports but b/c of ace i never had to take too much time off. Seeing the amazing staff and how much fun they and the patients were having almost led me into a PT career. Cant say enough about how much they have helped me keep going through my en-devours but also made life long friends:):) Thanks so much ace.

    ~ Iesha k ~
  • In October of ‘18 I ruptured my patella tendon. In Dec I searched for a physical therapist to start my rehab. ACE physical on Duke St. has been an amazing experience. Being a former athlete my expectations for therapy were high. Needless to say they surpassed all of my expectations. I am now back to work and making my way back to normality thanks to the Amazing Staff!!! I highly recommend this location!!!

    ~ Tim Richardson II ~
  • A lot to learn and what do to recover from my physical setback of a broken up knee. The staff was great!! Knowledgable and full of encouragement. Communication between staff was always courteous and professional, and never created a awkward enviroment. I really appreciate and thank the staff for, advice, guidence, explanations of all I needed and still need to do. I'm very please and satisfied with my choice to do my physical therapy here at the Alexandria office with the #1staf that consisted of people persons full therpy knowledge. These guys are great!! A pleasure to work with them. I put a feather in there caps!

    ~ Andy Visley ~
  • ACE Therapy in Alexandria is the best. They truly care about your progress! I have gone here for two separate problems and would highly recommend others to go. I actually enjoy PT as I routinely laugh a lot! ACE Alexandria has great people working there!

    ~ Susan Gibson ~
  • Amazing people that provide good service, you won’t regret choosing to do physical therapy here !

    ~ Ally Castillo ~
  • I needed treatment for frozen shoulder and I am glad I chose this location. Staff was very friendly and helpful accommodating appointments that work best for my schedule. Also, the treatment I received was excellent and very professional. I continue to do the exercise they recommend and I continue to improve, I am almost 100% there.

    ~ Sandra P. Castro ~
  • The team at ACE Physical Therapy is amazing. I had no idea what to expect when I first started. I am greeted by name as I walk in and everyone working is always so helpful and always working together. My experience has been so great. I highly recommend Ace PT.

    ~ Megan Pearcy ~
  • I have had TMD for the past 2 years and was unable to find a provider who can help me find a solution. I researched TMJ specialist in the area and came across Manisha Mendonca. On my first exam I could tell right away that she had a lot of knowledge and really took the time to understand my symptoms. I’ve now been seeing her for over 4 months and I went from having TMJ pain and headaches 3-4 times a week to once every few weeks. What honestly felt like a miracle!! Would highly recommend her for anybody else with TMD

    ~ Nathalie Cohenca ~
  • This is a great place! The staff is very friendly, kind and great fun to deal with . They treated me so seamlessly that my ongoing knee pain vanished in few sessions. The best part was that I did not miss any of work day due to their timings. Dr. Manisha is very knowledgeable and very hands on with direct understanding of my severe pain locations and she treated me like a baby. Awesome people. Thank you all.

    ~ Roger Parker ~
  • The group of therapist at ACE were not only competent, but also kind and considerate to my self and other patients. I highly recommend this fine group of physical therapist in the Alexandria office.

    ~ Roberto R. Munoz ~
  • Staff is always super friendly. I love coming here. I can finally get back to running as much as I want to! Thanks so much for everything! Truly helped me a ton.

    ~ Philip van den Hout ~
  • I’m a cheerleader, and I broke my ankle. After I got out of my cast, I went here for physical therapy. After my doctor cleared me to do cheer again, I was able to go back to doing my sport again without any problems. This place is amazing.

    ~ Brooke Lawson ~
  • Ace Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute is a phenomenal rehabilitation center for those looking to rehabilitate current injuries or post surgical operations. All the staff are extremely welcoming, and make you feel right at home. Though the exercises can be strenuous and painful at times you will definitely see improvement after the very first day . Every staff member is extremely professional, and will utilize the up most care with all their patients. They also offer great advice and are just quite simply amazing individuals.

    ~ Byron Gibbs ~
  • Ace physical therapy is wonderful!! I had a shoulder surgery back and I’m already feeling back in the game. The staff is so personable and friendly. They are also very knowledgeable about new exercises, etc. Laxmi and Divya work with me mostly, but other staff members such as Dr. Mendonca are great with other patients and interact with me as well.

    ~ Katelyn McElveen ~
  • After several months of living in pain, this place has finally got me on the right track and actually feeling much better. Manisha is hilarious and very talented. I highly recommend the dry needling treatment she does as well. So grateful to have found this place.

    ~ Marisa Renee Lee ~
  • Fractured my collarbone falling off of my bike, been putting in about 60-70 miles per week and doing so well until i fell. Felt like i could ride a lot sooner just wearing my sling but was advised against it b/c of worries of falling again or needing to make sharp turn etc. Bummed out for this whole waiting game but was surprised how physical therapy helped with the constant dull bone ache ive been having. Did not think i would need much therapy but turned out by not using my arm while it heals, the surrounding area got super weak. Staff and facility are great and cannot wait to get back on my bike with my added strength and motion ive gained while being here.

    ~ Benjamin Souza ~
  • The WHOLE STAFF is EXCELLENT!!! They helped me with my shoulder, my toe, and my finger. They are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Very respectful, and they have become family to me.

    ~ Luther Murphy ~
  • Superb - I’m a regular, here for an ankle, a knee, a neck and a much more serious knee injury. My experience has been nothing but excellent. Dr. Manisha and her excellent staff knows how to balance PT results and comfort. Enjoy the companionship and really appreciate everything y’all do. Easily 5/5 stars

    ~ Spencer Cooper ~
  • I can't say enough good things about the care and physical therapy I received from Dr. Manisha and Laxmi Gurung and there team. I came to ace after back surgery privately thinking that I would have to except not being able to ever have the same physical abilities as I had before my surgery. After 6 weeks of therapy I am amazed at the results, not only have exceeded my private expectations I expect to be in the best physical shape i have ever been in. Once thank you to the team at the Alexandria location .

    ~ Aaron Fletcher ~
  • Got needling treatment for elbow. Dr. Mendoca's procedures were successful in relieving my pain. Her entire crew is top-notch. Knowledgeable and caring.

    ~ Alden Sherman ~
  • Got needling treatment for elbow. Dr. Mendoca's procedures were successful in relieving my pain. Her entire crew is top-notch. Knowledgeable and caring.

    ~ Alden Sherman ~
  • The MOST amazing staff!!! I would name names but the ALL are fantastic! They really care about each client getting better and it shows! If I could rate higher than a 5 I would!!

    ~ Sheila McDaniel ~
  • I have been working out all my life and i had a shoulder injury (age 25). Tore my shoulder 3 times in 6 month due to wrong doctor advice + wrong training. Came to Dr Manisha and she turned that painful year into the best thing that could have ever happened to me. 6 months later, I am in the best shape of my life. Its not magic, make sure you ask a lot of good long term health related questions and do the work at home after the therapy.

    ~ Muhammad Nabil ~
  • Outstanding Service in Minutes. I am thoroughly in love with ACE Alexandria! This is the place to recover from any pain or injuries because the staff is more than qualified - true experts dedicated to serve and make you feel younger and full of energy. Don't try any other place for physical therapy, activities, exercise, etc. I have been to other places but ACE is the BEST - A 10 Star Program for you and your family members. Please try it today and you will have no regrets! A PLACE TO REMEMBER - FOR THE BEST SERVICE EVER! GIVE IT A TRY TODAY - STOP HESITATING !

    ~ Ruth got Wood ~
  • This is a great team of people who not only know what they are doing (and they do!), but they are also very friendly and genuinely concerned about helping you recover and heal. I highly recommend them!

    ~ Scott Maurer ~
  • I have lumbar stenosis causing pain In legs. Ace has friendly, caring staff who managed my program for recovery. I can’t say enough about them.

    ~ Mike DeRosa ~
  • Hurt my back and bicep doing pull ups, was forcing the few last reps trying to get my total number up. Had no idea my lat ran all the way down my back which was causing tremendous tightness in my back. PT's and staff got me going on all kinds of stretches and funky little movements. Really enjoyed this rotational things i did with thera-bands, seemed to really hit the spots i needed to strengthen and stretch. Back pain is gone and all im waiting for is a little tightness in my bicep to go away but confident in the PT's findings that it will just take a little more time. Highly recommend Ace of Alexandria!

    ~ Chuck walker ~
  • A very friendly place, I have been going there for a couple of weeks now to manage pain in my neck. All the staff greet everyone cheerfully, and look happy to work there.

    ~ kriti sapkota ~
  • The folks at ACE PT and Sports Medicine Institute are some of the best in the area. Every single person on the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After spending some time there, the staff felt more like family than medical personnel. Manisha and Aaron make an excellent team and i am very fortunate to find this place. Manisha in particular knows what my ultimate goal is and with her help, I am making progress with my shoulder and I am very happy with my recovery. ACE PT and Sports Medicine are highly recommended.

    ~ Roger T ~
  • They helped me recover quickly from a runner's injury. I learned new techniques to prevent the injury's progress. They explained in plain English what was happening and how they were going to resolve it. I agree with the other reviewer. The staff is fantastic. They are friendly, courteous, and competent! If I ever need to rehabilitate, I will use the Alexandria location's services.

    ~ David Munoz ~
  • I have been going here for therapy for a while. They treat you like family. Dr. Mendonca and her staff make therapy something you don't mind doing and you want to come back too feel better. They cheer you on and make you feel you can push through the pain. Jackie always has a big smile on her face that says YES you can do it. I wish every place I go was as friendly and warm as ACE

    ~ sallie fox ~
  • I went to Ace Physical Therapy for Achilles Tendinitis. And I have to say, I really saw great improvement on my ankle, from the physical therapy sessions there. Dr. Laxmi Gurung the physical therapist there was very knowledgeable and was very helpful. I hope to continue to practice those exercises and techniques that they taught me there. Support staff there are polite and welcoming. I would surely recommend them

    ~ Manesh R ~
  • Second time around ACE the staff are the best, they really care about their patients. Dr Manisha is an expert doing her job. I was suffering back pain for a while after I finished my therapy ( 10 sections) I don’t have any pain at all she’s awesome. Schedule are flexible and super convenient for people like me. I strongly recommend this facility for any kind of injury.

    ~ Maria Perez ~
  • Third time around Ace Physical Therapy is the best. The therapist really care about their clients. I have my favorite not saying the other aren't as good but I seem to have a personal bond with Manisha. She's been there all 3 of the times . For my BACK my ANKLE and now my SHOULDER. She is awesome she really make you feel the need to get better and won't let you give up no matter how grueling it is. I come back to Ace because they truly care Dr. Manisha is the best. I've even recommended family and Friends to Ace for Physical Therapy.

    ~ Mary Blake ~
  • Great team that is knowledgeable and pushes you to recovery. Highly recommend!

    ~ Rita Hite ~
  • Excellent service from Laxmi, Manisha, Aaron and Divya! I always look forward to my next session. Thank you all!

    ~ Willie Page ~
  • Great place for PT. They definitely make you work to your max. Wouldn’t recommend anything else.

    ~ Travis Haddock ~
  • Fantastic experience. Very personalized care in a friendly atmosphere.

    ~ Cash Dangerfield ~
  • Excellent Doctor and very professional I recommend it since they are confident and they do an excellent job

    ~ Rudinio Milks ~
  • Wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable staff made the PT experience enjoyable. Flexible hours with early morning appointments made it easy to schedule around work.

    ~ Kathie Watson ~
  • The very friendly, helpful and caring staff took care of all my therapy needs after a recent surgery. I highly recommend them for any situation requiring physical therapy.

    ~ Bryan Veis ~
  • I have been seeing Dr. Manisha for the past 6 months due to having two herniated disk in C-6 and C-7. Her and the team are a group of amazing physical therapists. Never have I been to a physical therapist who is so attentive and egar to make a difference with the recovery process. If I ever need another physical therapist, Dr. Manisha and her team will be the one I will allow to help me recovery!!

    ~ Megan Shea ~
  • Love this facility and it's staff. Laxmi, is a wonderful PT and super nice and friendly. Jeegan livens up the space with his charm and "fair enough" phrase, and Dr. Manisha is efficient in her work and super knowledgeable. I'm currently in physical therapy for muscular issues, hoping that they continue to improve. If I ever have to return to PT after this for any reason it will definitely be here at this office! Wonderful place.

    ~ brie ditsche ~
  • These are the real experts. Lighthearted and efficient physical therapy with a top-notch staff. Manisha is a genius. Runners must try the theragun for immediate muscle relief! Also, I highly recommend dry needling for nagging muscle aches.

    ~ Andrew Stevens ~
  • This place is fantastic! The staff have successfully treated my cervical and lumbar disc protrusion that caused leg/arm tingling and pain!. I feel so much better now thanks to the topnotch professional staff at ACE Physical Therapy in Alexandria, VA. They were my biggest cheerleaders, especially on days I just didn't feel like being there! Even the way they answered the phone brought a smile to my face:). BIG thanks to the entire team - Manisha - The Director, Aaron, Yvonne and Abby!! I've been treated at several PT places, but I finally found my PT HOME!!

    ~ Beverly Vaughn ~
  • I'm very happy with the way I'm treated at this facility. The doctor Mrs. Manisha Mendonca is very kind and gentle I would recommend this facility to everyone who needs physical therapy.

    ~ sherice Varner ~
  • Manisha at the ACE in Alexandria has changed my life. After years of doctors not being able to help me, she really listened to me and helped me on the path to healing from my first session. I can’t recommend ACE highly enough.

    ~ Lauren Geetter ~
  • Great place to rehabilitate!! The staff are great and if I ever get another injury, I would definitely go back..

    ~ Bryan Matthews ~
  • Manisha is amazing! She always gives me a wonderful experience every time at ACE PT & Sports Medicine! She would be my number one recommendation to any of my friends going through orthopedic surgery problems. This is my first time going through meniscus repair/surgery. Throughout all the physical therapy I have had, this is by far the best! What I love most about Manisha is that she is both very friendly and very professional and she always makes me feel like a friend and not a patient, which I love! She gives me her undivided attention and has a very sharp eye where she always spots areas I need improvement in; I particularly like her unique hands when she stretches my knee and that has been the best part of my physical therapy section and that is something motivates me looking forward to coming back again... In addition, every single person on the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Aaron Morris would come correct my form whenever he noticed something that i was not doing it correctly and so did Laxmi and Jackie, who not only have very sharp eyes offering to help without being asked, but also very patiently explain me how and why I need to do certain exercises in order to gain a faster surgery recovery. In short, I am happy with my recovery and ACE PT and Sport Medicine is the place to go if you have a knee surgery or need physical therapy where the staff feel more like family than medical personnel with exceptional skills.

    ~ Yafei Liu ~
  • I recommend this facility. Great people and great service.

    ~ Travstein ~
  • Great location. Knowledgeable staff, open early mornings and easy parking.

    ~ Sean Kolaskar ~
  • Dr. Mendonca and her entire staff at ACE are the best. Her staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always have a smile on their face. They are incredibly flexible with scheduling and I always enjoy coming in. Dr. Mendonca is really incredible. After my first session with her using the Graston technique on my feet I could feel a noticeable improvement. The more I come in and the more she uses the graston technique, the better my feet become. She is charismatic, full of energy and knowledge and I am so happy I found her. If you haven't tried Dr. Mendonca and the graston technique. Give it a try!

    ~ Jessica Giffin ~
  • I went for pre-surgery or for a partial knee replacement as well as post op therapy. The staff were all very professional as well as personable making for a wonderful experience. When I pinched a nerve in my neck and the Dr prescribed pt, I immediately returned to ACE in Alexandria. Manisha, Aaron, Rishabh, Jackie, Tanu and the rest of the staff were all fantastic!

    ~ John Joerger ~
  • I have been to many therapy places and this is by far my favorite. They really take the time to help you and stretch you after your excercises!

    ~ Arnold Benitez ~
  • The staff is very friendly and they know there stuff! The addressed the root cause of my periodic back pain.

    ~ Derrick Nauflett ~
  • Outstanding!!!

    ~ E.N LEE ~
  • Great staff, super helpful and friendly.

    ~ Lauren Gustafson ~


  • After a running injury and surgery, I started going to ACE. I was very happy with the expertise of the staff. The exercises given were clearly explained so I could replicate the workouts at home. The sessions difficulty progressed nicely as I built strength to help my recovery progress quickly. I have been very pleased with my experience. Highly recommend!

    ~ Amanda Harris ~
  • Second time at this facility for PT. The therapist is Exceptional. He really knows his stuff. You need to put in the work but he tells you what you need to do. PT is hard but he makes it a challenge and has a great sense of humor!

    ~ Jennifer Halpin ~
  • Where to begin?! Firstly I’m healed! A 6 year knee injury has gone away! Thanks to the healing and skillful hands of ACE’s physical therapist and staff! The crew they have are fantastic, caring and most of all knowledgeable in getting you all fixed up! I can honestly say that I looked forward to going to PT every week. The crew made what felt like an impossible feat fun and challenging! Besides the fun and knowledge gained you can tell that they genuinely care for their patients. One of the many examples would be the therapist looking up new and inventive ways (in his spare time) to improve the workouts. Overall I am one happy patient who is sad to leave the crew but happy that I’m better! A HUGE thank you to the staff and ACE for employing great people!!

    ~ Liam Pritchard ~
  • Extremely happy with my experience at the Arlington location. Physical therapist is knowledgeable, friendly, and effective. He helped me recover from persistent "runners knee" while helping me build a base - both of knowledge and strength - to avoid future issues.

    ~ Kaija Hurlburt ~
  • The physical therapists at ACE pushed and empowered me to make great strides in my IT band recovery. Considerate in their execution, they willfully instruct and vigilantly oversee patients through every step of the recovery process. They keep you working hard, embracing a tough love approach that is so often necessary to succeed in physical therapy. Would recommend these folks to anyone who has suffered an injury and is looking to com back stronger

    ~ Gabriel Corrochano ~
  • Great, attentive service. Therapists interact well with patients and are clear in their instructions. Location is good about wearing masks and maintaining cleanliness. Would recommend to anyone.

    ~ Gary Ashcroft ~
  • The therapist was not only incredibly helpful, but also funny. They pushed me, but never too far. I felt like I was always progressing. All in all if I ever had another injury I would definitely come back here.

    ~ Adam Egger ~
  • Best place to go for physical therapy, hands down. I had 2-3 years of issues with numbness, tingling, and aching because of weakness and tightness in areas I didn’t know existed. The crew here in Arlington helped me to correct my form, strength and flexibility. 2 months later and I couldn’t imagine feeling any better. I thought I’d have this pain, numbness and tingling for the rest of my life. Thanks to these guys, I don’t have to. Thanks ACE!!

    ~ William Glancy ~
  • Can't recommend ACE enough. The staff genuinely cares about the entire recovery process beyond simply getting you back to full function. The clinic's environment is very light and friendly, which helps those new to the rehab process feel comfortable. The staff is exceptionally informative and will help patients understand the ins and outs of their recovery program as well as answer any question about the process thoroughly. Scheduling with them is very easy, they're very flexible and have been great to work with to accommodate my changing work schedule.

    ~ Michael Fitchko ~
  • I am very grateful for my PT experience here and would recommend this location for anyone who needs rehab. I had right shoulder surgery and came here for post-op rehab. My shoulder has gained back full range of motion and strength. The staff are extremely motivating and encouraging. I would definitely come back in the future!!

    ~ Miranda Simon ~
  • Just awesome..... the therapist, the experience are top notch. Knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. But best of all as you are challenged to meet your goals we laughed!!! And laughter always makes it better

    ~ Ellen Jones ~
  • I started PT at ACE due to a major knee injury. The therapist challenges me and treats me with great care, believing in my abilities even when I didn't believe in myself. He has helped me regain my strength and full range of motion, so that I can reach my goal of skiing again. I highly recommend this practice, especially to anyone with fitness goals.

    ~ Danielle Greenwald ~
  • Tore my quad playing soccer 4 months ago, tried to avoid PT, and proceeded to tear it again 2 months later. It’s been around 2 months since I started coming here, and I finally feel back to my normal self. I was so worried I would never get back to normal again, but with their help, encouragement, and expertise, my quad feels so much better. The environment here is great, and I find myself looking forward to coming, which not something I thought I’d say about physical therapy. I recommend it to everyone, no matter what your injury!

    ~ Camden F ~
  • Started coming to this ACE location 2 years ago for injured elbow and had a great experience - knowledgeable (and friendly) staff, realistic personalized goals, and a good location. Recommended my roommate to come here when he strained a muscle in his leg during marathon training and he loved it too. Would recommend to others in the area and planning on coming back if I ever need PT in the future!

    ~ Brian Ramsey ~
  • Highly recommend ACE Rehab for any physical therapy needs. This was my first experience going through the PT process. I repeatedly dislocated my shoulder over 2.5 years and tore my labrum. After finally having surgery to repair my shoulder, I came to ACE after reading through the reviews. The staff is knowledgeable and truly cares about getting you back to 100%. After 4 months I just finished my last session and can say without a doubt that I wouldn't have had such a speedy recovery had it not been for my therapy at ACE. They're flexible with scheduling and each session was challenging and fun, making it a rewarding process. Check them out!

    ~ Fleet Jernigan ~
  • Have had an excellent experience here! Came in experiencing lower back pain and they've worked with me to strengthen my core and get me back to my normal self. Feeling so much better now. Highly recommend

    ~ Jeremy Wickman ~
  • Very flexible and accommodating. They look at you comprehensively. Did not need a doctors note for my visits and they were able to fit me in immediately. They gave me direction and services across 6-7 weeks that certainly expedited my healing in the correct fashion with gradual strengthening and stretching.

    ~ Daniel Codeluppi ~
  • I have been going to this location for PT for 6+ weeks and absolutely love the staff! Always incredibly helpful while being super friendly and fun. In the last two weeks I have made great progress with my shoulder in both strength and mobility! I am very grateful to help I’ve received here

    ~ Alicia Quinones ~
  • I came because of a neck injury. After just 4 visits I was feeling better. The therapist were all helpful and gave me pointers and suggestions for working more at home. It’s work but they made it enjoyable. It is also a very nice, well maintained and well lite facility. I would definitely recommend Ace to anyone who needs physical therapy.

    ~ Cynthia Hochberg ~
  • I came in with quad pain while training for a half marathon. After about a month of coming here, my quad pain was gone and I am back to running normal. Everyone here is great! Friendly, knowledgeable, and very flexible with scheduling. Definitely recommend!

    ~ Anne Lee ~
  • The staff is always friendly and encouraging. I was here before and after my knee surgery and they were very supportive of my recovery. They push you to make sure you are strengthening all your muscles so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

    ~ Amanda Ivey ~
  • After suffering my first major sports injury, a high-ankle sprain, I was down in the dumps. I work in Rosslyn, so I looked for a physical therapy practice around that area. The location of ACE Physical Therapy was a huge convenience. That was just one of many wonderful qualities of this location and the people there. The head physical therapist combines exceptional expertise to work you back to good health following an injury with a genuine and authentic individual care. He is not only the consummate therapist, but also, human being. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants first-class physical rehabilitation combined with exceptional client service.

    ~ Henry Duncan ~
  • Couldn't have found a better place to rehab after total knee replacement. Rishabh tailored treatment to my specific abilities and needs which has helped me make amazing and rapid progress. So glad we found ACE Rehab.

    ~ L M ~
  • I had knee pain that I tried to avoid for awhile on my own. I had never been to PT before and didn’t think I really needed it. When looking through online reviews I figured I’d give ACE a try and could not have been happier with my experience. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner! The staff is extremely knowledgeable, cares about their patients, and makes the experience of coming into PT enjoyable. I looked forward to my sessions which is something I didn’t expect going into the process. After many strengthening exercises and a period of no cardio, I completed a half marathon in January with only little pain afterwards (some to be expected). I truly would not have been able to run it if not for the staff here at ACE! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for PT - scheduling is easy so go ahead and book an appointment now!

    ~ Lauren DeHoff ~
  • I've been coming here for 6+ weeks for a back/rib injury and have seen good improvement. Staff is friendly and encourages you without pushing you too hard. Additionally, I feel more confident in my knowledge in how to further strengthen and stretch my muscles for continued pain relief.

    ~ Marisa Hess ~
  • Came in with lower back pain that I have had since high school. The therapists were great and took the time to quickly find that my hip was locked which was causing the lower back pain. Within a month they have rehabbed me back to normal and pain free! Great experience all around, therapists are attentive and great, highly recommend anyone who has pains from the gym or work to come.

    ~ Josh Sears ~
  • Great experience! They push you hard but also show a lot of support. The exercises are adequately challenging and they definitely care about any questions you might have. Highly recommend!

    ~ Tan Kucukoglu ~
  • I came in with ankle pain and within a couple of weeks, I'm doing so much better. The team helped me strengthen my core and ankle through positive motivation, professional instructions and valuable exercises. I looked forward to coming in because there was never any judgement and pleasant conversation.

    ~ Sheila Kirkwood ~
  • Truly a great experience. Entire staff helped me get back on me feet and able to exercise after some muscle damage. Knowledgeable and motivating as well as personable and created a fun atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone looking for a physical therapist.

    ~ David Zielonka ~
  • I highly recommend ACE PT Arlington! I tore my ACL and meniscus 4 months ago and have been coming to ACE PT for pre-and post-operative care. The staff has encouraged me throughout my recovery process and they have pushed me to my limits so that I can get back to full strength as quickly as possible. The physical therapist is always willing to answer my questions and keeps an eye on my form to make sure I’m able to do exercises properly at home too. The atmosphere in the office is pleasant and lighthearted and the staff genuinely care about your recovery. I’m very grateful for the care I’ve received here and would absolutely recommend it

    ~ Sarah Cokingtin ~
  • Great support for rehabbing my achilles injury. They treat my injury holistically by teaching both leg and core strengthening. Positive & good-humored staff.

    ~ Erin Pierce ~
  • I hurt myself during work and was sent to physical therapy. I came in very stiff and could barelywalk. After 3 weeks of therapy I am able to head back to work and move freely. The therapist and tech were very caring and answered any of my concerns and questions. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy

    ~ Emilio Lemeni ~
  • A wonderful PT experience. This pro staff pushes you safely to do what you need to do to have a full recovery. Friendly, helpful staff has the training and expertise to get you back to your best self. As an active 60 year old runner, I picked the right place to have a great PT experience. You should do the same.

    ~ Charles Cadigan ~
  • I have been working with Dr Rishabh for the last few months and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good physical therapist. He knows the line between how much to push you and when to hold back. The staff are knowledgeable and personable and the facility is clean and well maintained.

    ~ Nalini Agrawal ~
  • Great experience! Everyone has been incredibly supportive and kind. They encouraged me to reach my recovery goals at the perfect pace.

    ~ Caleb Davenport ~
  • After a few months following knee surgery, I realized that my recovery had stalled. I walked into Ace Rehab, without an appointment, and met the terrific and welcoming staff. I knew in a heartbeat that they could help me. After a month of hard work under their expertise, I am almost 100% again. Major kudos and big thanks.

    ~ RJ Donovan ~
  • Absolutely fabulous! Would highly, HIGHLY recommend. Being pain free seemed out of reach before I started at the Ace Rehab in Arlington. They’ve helped me get my strength back to keep pushing forward

    ~ Heather Burdick ~
  • Fantastic PT. Extremely grateful - came in because my left arm was suddenly failing lifting weights at gym. Other docs couldn’t figure out why. PT was patient - despite my frustration and surly attitude - and figured out my left pec muscle had mostly shut down. Now several weeks of PT later and I’m back to normal, and have a whole lot more knowledge about my form lifting and how to avoid injury in the future. Can’t recommend enough.

    ~ Jenn Hazen ~
  • They are amazing. They have highly qualified physical therapists who helped me get back on my feet literally. They have a proper plan for rehab to meet your goals. They are professional, highly skilled, and experienced.

    ~ pranav kulkarni~
  • I had a great experience here! I came in with a shoulder injury that was so bad that even opening a heavy door was difficult, and after 5 weeks I'm almost back to normal. The therapists helped me learn all the exercises I needed, and taught me what to do at home so I could help myself heal.

    ~ Rachel Sloan ~
  • This is my first physical therapy experience and it was a great! The staff is fun and engaging. Every person I’ve seen come through the door loves these guys. They know what they’re saying/doing. I highly recommend this office!!

    ~ Jackie Le ~
  • From day one on crutches to back in my feet ace rehab was encouraging and guided me through a tough recovery. The therapists do a great job of delivering challenges while keeping you safe.

    ~ N Dana ~
  • I highly recommend Ace PT Arlington. I’ve been attending for about 2-3 months after ankle surgery. After starting physical therapy on crutches, I am now able to walk normally. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to personalize therapy to challenge you to improve. I always come out of physical therapy feeling refreshed and one step closer to recovery.

    ~ Seo Youn Chang ~
  • ACE is great! It's my first time needing PT, but all of the therapists and techs make the experience comfortable and welcoming. Despite being surrounded by people working hard to overcome painful injuries, the atmosphere is always light and upbeat

    ~ Ian Lang ~
  • Awesome staff. Extremely supportive and knowledgeable. After such a traumatic injury, having a team with the expertise to help you understand the mental and physical barriers is incredible. Getting over those hurdles, though difficult at times, is a rewarding experience. The guidance for "Things to do at home" also help out tremendously in my recovery. I'm so glad I have these guys in my corner while trying to get back to normal function. Would recommend them to anyone seeking out a physical therapist.

    ~ G. Fletch ~
  • I’ve been having back pain for more than 5 years and have been in and out of physical therapy three times now. The staff are wonderful and have helped decrease my back pain in just four short weeks! None of my previous PTs have taught me half the strengthening exercises that they have taught me. I’m now hopeful I will no longer have these annual flare ups and am so grateful to Ace! Highly recommend for lower back pain relief!

    ~ Amanda Heerwig ~
  • The staff at Ace PT Arlington is great. I've come in for two separate injuries, one elbow, one foot/ankle, comprising 20+ PT sessions, and always was impressed with the level of care, attention, and commitment to my full recovery. They're very flexible and accommodating with the scheduling, and have free parking, which is nice for Arlington.

    ~ Robert Grubbs ~
  • Great experience at ACE. Rishabh is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what I had injured and how to remedy it. They have a flexible schedule and it's a very relaxed and intimate setting, allowing you get the undivided attention you need.

    ~ Kyle Ilgenfritz ~
  • I visited ACE in Rosslyn both pre and post shoulder surgery and have only good things to say. The knowledgeable and encouraging PT and staff create a welcoming family like atmosphere. The PT will push you, but also makes the work fun. One of the best parts of the experience is that you leave equipped with tools you can continue to use to strengthen and prevent future injuries.

    ~ J C ~
  • I went to ACE in Rosslyn with what they diagnosed as frozen shoulder. I began therapy that day. I was new to physical therapy, and did not know what to expect. I found that the atmosphere was friendly, staff were professional, and, most of all, treatment was effective. Physical therapy, I also learned, is a proactive endeavor that would pay in dividends exactly as much as I was willing to contribute in sweat. Within a few weeks I noticed increased range of motion. After a month or so of treatment, three days a week, I caught myself placing an item on top of the refrigerator without pain - a huge milestone. I recommend ACE to anyone who wants effective physical therapy in a friendly and supportive environment.

    ~ Mark Lewis ~
  • This place is fantastic. Everyone who works there is incredibly friendly and professional. I actually look forward to PT!!

    ~ Dan Burkes ~
  • I was very fortunate to receive the care and rehab training provided by the therapist and the ACE therapy crew. They took care of me pre and post ACL repair surgery, safely pushing me to my limit. My orthopedic surgeon was very impressed with the quick amount of time it took for me to regain my range of motion and muscle mass. The PT space is an open concept, and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, treating everyone individually according to their recovery plan and needs. I highly recommend it.

    ~ Alex Rengel ~
  • Absolutely fantastic staff! Getting my IT band all fixed up so I can get back to running. They provide strengthening exercises, stretches, a clean facility, and supplementary information to make your therapy as enjoyable as possible.

    ~ Adam Suskin ~
  • I began physical therapy about a month after an ankle injury, and within a few weeks went from needing a boot to walking normally. Rishabh is great - he eased me into my first physical therapy experience while also pushing me and helping me find my limits. By pushing me with strength and motion exercises, Rishabh helped me get farther in my recovery much faster than I expected. The atmosphere is incredibly friendly and everyone who works there is great!

    ~ Bridget Rose ~
  • I had a great experience with ACE PT Arlington. The entire team is super welcoming and it is a very supportive environment to workout and recover. Rishabh did a good job explaining what was causing my hip pain and how the exercise program will work to fix it.

    ~ Mike Paley ~
  • ACE Physical Therapy has been great. I have some low back issues (including a precious surgery for an L5S1 disc hernia toon) and this is the first physical therapy practice that has done what is necessary to truly strengthen my core and lower back. They focus more heavily on fitness and core strength than elsewhere, which is what my neurosurgeon and pain specialists recommend.

    ~ Matt McCardle ~
  • I’ve been to many physical therapy places for numerous injuries and other places could not compare to ACE Arlington. They are willing to push you while making you laugh. This is the first place I have been that has taught me proper form, how to engage the muscles and mechanics to help strengthen and fix an injury to my neck. I can say I have enjoyed physical therapy here. You will not be disappointed.

    ~ Caitlyn Cartner ~
  • I had chronic pain in both knees for half a year. The therapist at Ace physical therapy does a wonderful job in understanding the persons concerns and goals. The pain in my knees diminished significantly within the first few weeks of therapy. Within a month of therapy my knees felt a lot better and was no longer in pain. Would 100% recommend this place to anyone!

    ~ Vishruti Patel ~
  • I had a great experience with Rishabh. I had a broken foot and was not able to walk. In four weeks he returned my confidence and i walked out of his office walking almost normal. He is knowledgeable, professional and great to work with. This location of ACE is 5 star!

    ~ Ljupka Arsova ~
  • I couldn't be happier with my experience at ACE Rehab. Rishabh always knew where the line was located and he let me get as close to that line as possible without ever going over. He pushed me and made sure my posture/mechanics were correct. I'm not going to lie...there were times that the stretching brought tears to my eyes BUT I always knew Rish was making me better. Also, Nadia (the office administrator) always has a smile on her face and a cheerful demeanor.

    ~ Sheldon Bream ~
  • We have had a great experience with ACE in Arlington dealing with my daughters recovery from a gymnastics injury which causes “piriformis syndrome”. They were very knowledgeable helping us get the correct evaluations (even referring an orthopedic specialist), prescribing a treatment plan and adjusting and adapting through all phases of the recovery. It took two months of sessions over the course of a year but her mobility is restored and pain is gone! Much thanks to the therapist and staff for their assistance!

    ~ J.S ~
  • Amazing practice! My thanks to the ACE staff for making my road to recovery shorter than I ever expected. Very professional, kind and caring people. Highly recommended.

    ~ Sergio Navajas ~
  • When I came in, I was having lots of pain in my hip flexor. I had an upcoming hiking trip out west and was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. After about a month, I am feeling much better and have no reservations that I will be feeling good for my trip! The staff is wonderful and really care about helping you get back on your feet and able to do the things you want to do. I would 100% recommend to a friend!

    ~ Michael Hilss ~
  • I had such great success with recovery after ankle surgery at ACE that I turned to them again for help addressing another injury. The staff are knowledgeable and personable. Rishabh, in particular, helps you find your limits without pushing past them to ensure the best PT protocol for a full recovery. He brings an excellent sense of humor to his work, which is essential when he has you working through a difficult movement. Rishabh also spent time explaining body mechanics and my condition in a way which was easily understood, but not condescending. Should the need arise, I will return to ACE for PT.

    ~ Susanna K. ~
  • Mr Shurma is a fantastic physical therapist. He works you hard and is firm but is a great motivator to get through it. I’m very impressed with the professionalism and commitment to getting the best out of you to fully recover. I highly recommend.

    ~ Patrick Hope ~
  • The staff are friendly and Rishabh has been really attentive and understanding of my needs and goals for my knee. Sometimes there are a lot of people in there so you likely won't get 1-on-1 attention the whole time, but I actually think that it's effective for building your own self-efficacy if you take the lead on your exercises once he shows you how to do them. They are really flexible with you and design a plan that's best for you.

    ~ S Janae Van Buren ~
  • Great experience so far! It’s my first time going to physical therapy and I’ve already learned so much that will help get me up and running again sooner than I expected. Also the staff is very helpful and friendly.

    ~ Grace Kirkpatrick~
  • I chose this location for PT after an accident because of the positive reviews and have not been disappointed. The team does a great job of keeping a positive and encouraging environment. They push me to advance each session and I'm seeing great improvements in my mobility.

    ~ Amber Astolfi ~
  • Having a wonderful experience at Ace Physical Therapy! The guys made me feel comfortable and had me laughing right away at my first appointment and, three appointments in, I’m still laughing and already seeing improvement in my Achilles. There’s a great comraderie among the staff and customers. Great location with free parking right behind the building. Highly recommend.

    ~ Shannon Phillips ~
  • I started physical therapy about a month after I had surgery on my cervical spine for a herniated disc. I had lost significant strength in my right arm due to nerve damage. The physical therapist at ACE worked with me to regain that strength and in a matter of a few weeks I feel so much better. He really pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing and also helped me with a scar tissue issue I was having related to the surgery. The staff there are also so nice and make you feel immediately comfortable

    ~ Teresa Gido ~
  • Friendly & knowledgeable. Thanks for helping me heal so fast!

    ~ Jeff Grass ~
  • I went to Ace physical therapy to get therapy for my knees after my knee replacement surgery. I was very nervous, but the whole staff was so nice and friendly and put me at ease. The PTs were highly knowledgeable and were kind, esp Mike Ercole. He is a great therapist and helped me gain my strength back in no time. I was going 3 times a week for about a month and my progress in that time was beyond my expectations. I am very grateful to Mike and the entire staff for helping me get there.

    ~ PS Bajwa ~
  • Simply put, Rishabh is a god. I feel fantastic every time I leave this place. He knows exactly when to push and when to abstain. At ACE Physical Therapy, every day is Christmas. And if Rishabh is a god, then Nadia is an angel. She's sweet as all get out and is a terrific hype-woman, boosting my confidence and getting me prepared to kill it every damn day.

    ~ Ryan Coughlin ~
  • I went to ACE after suffering a full Achilles tendon rupture in my left leg. Rishabh helped get me back on my feet in record time despite my surgeon being on the conservative side. He worked with me every step of the way and made sure I was healing properly. I chose ACE because of Rishabh and his excellent work ethic/knowledge of all things PT. I wholeheartedly recommend Rishabh and his team to anyone.

    ~ Raphael Garcia ~
  • I relocated from Texas and was concerned about continuing my physical therapy after foot surgery. Rishabh at ACE Physical Therapy took good care of me, strengthening my ankle and working on my flexibility. I am making an excellent recovery and highly recommend their services. Very convenient.

    ~ Marina Alexander ~
  • Had a fantastic experience at ACE! Everyone there was incredibly helpful and the positive attitude by the staff made my time there fly by. Great people. Great results. Highly recommend if you're in need of physical therapy.

    ~ Joseph Guidice ~
  • This was my first time having physical therapy. Rishabh Sharma is the physical therapist at this location and very clearly has a lot of experience. I came for treatment for a herniated cervical disc. When my pain did not improve Rishabh urged me to go back to my doctor for another mri. I ended up having a two-level disc replacement and went back to Rishabh post-op. I improved quickly and after a few weeks was pain free and graduated from PT. Rishabh was able to use his experience with previous patients with my same condition to give me valuable tips and information on what was happening to my body and what to expect in recovery. While Rishabh is very knowledgeable, he keeps his studio very laid back and casual. While somewhat informal, I found it to be welcoming, comforting, and familiar during an otherwise stressful time. His office always made efforts to accommodate me before work in the morning. I would recommend and I would go again.

    ~ Chandra Swope ~
  • Rishabh helped heal my ankle in no time! A great facility with great people and great care. I will be back if I have another injury.

    ~ Yasmina Elmesiry ~
  • When I was prescribed physical therapy and in search of a practice, I had no idea where to go and found myself reading reviews just like this. I saw the excellent ratings of the Rosslyn location of ACE Physical Therapy and inquired about making an appointment. They were very accommodating in setting up the first appointment and that level of service continued. The combination of going in for sessions and doing the home exercises helps tremendously. I would highly recommend going to this location and practice.

    ~ Aaron Katz ~
  • The establishment is very friendly and fun loving. They provide a very family friendly atmosphere. At the end of my process I felt good. The pain experienced when initially started is no longer and feel confident under the guidance given I will be restored.

    ~ Sheena Lewis ~
  • Dr. Rishabh Sharma at Arlington fixed my back right up! He was dedicated, kind and passionate about my health and the health of his patients. If i get injured again, which I hope won't happen, I would return to him in a heartbeat!

    ~ sherri so ~
  • A coworker recommended ACE and it’s been a great first PT experience. The staff are knowledgeable and fun and my pain is getting much better. They also have pretty flexible hours, it’s never been difficult finding appointment times that work for me.

    ~ Caroline Loeser ~
  • Staff are friendly and helpful. They’re also open early on Tuesdays and Thursdays making it easy to get in before work. Definitely glad I found this place.

    ~ Chelsea Murtha ~
  • Ace took an “old man” with a fractured ankle feel like a “young man again.” Great experience - well run with knowledgeable caring staff!

    ~ The Outdoor Lab ~
  • ACE is the best - truly second to none, and I have tried several other physical therapy clinics. They have flexible hours that suit my work schedule (open as early as 6am Tuesdays and Thursdays), and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and attentive to your progress, setbacks, and unique injury's healing cycle. I recommend ACE to anyone and everyone recovering from an injury, and they'll be the only place I go to next time I'm on the mend --- Be sure to ask for Rishabh

    ~ Harlan Boyles ~
  • Rishabh was absolutely wonderful to work with. With a gleam in his eye he would simultaneously hurt and heal me. Always fun and full of energy, he made a painful process pleasurable and got me back to full strength ahead of schedule. And Nadia kept the warming pads hot and the ice cold.

    ~ Z Pirate ~
  • I came to Ace Physical Therapy with a lower right side SI joint pain. With the stretches and exercises provided by Rishabh, which were challenging and effective, I left pain free and recovered . office staff and Rishabh were both friendly and easy to talk to. Excellent overall experience! Definitely recommend to anyone in search for a great PT!

    ~ Melby Acosta ~
  • Due to a lower back injury, I received treatment at ACE for several weeks. The staff are not only knowledgeable and kind, but the therapy I received was extremely efficacious. I highly recommend Rishabh and his team to anyone seeking physical therapy in the area.

    ~ Sam Hugler ~
  • Came in for acute tendonitis of my knee from tennis. Couldn't be happier with my treatment program and progress. After 3.5 months of therapy I'll end up stronger than before and have a plan in place to continue strength training to prevent future injuries. Very professional and and well run group.

    ~ Ronda Estridge ~
  • I came in with an injury I was dealing with for 5 months. It got a lot worse when I had steroid injections and had a rare muscular reaction. Paired with pain medications from my other doctors, Rishabh got me in significantly better shape. When I came to him I couldn’t sit from the pain for 30 minutes, now I can sit for over 3 hours. I firmly believe the strength I built releaves my back of significant pressure. His exercise plan has enabled me to continue my travel plans for the holidays and a vacation following. So many thanks to him and the wonderful staff here, they are so positive and a cheerful way to start the morning!

    ~ Jacqueline Stine ~
  • Been to this location twice, first for my back pain and then for shoulder pain. The therapist here completely made the pain go away and allowed me to go back and enjoy things like playing soccer and lifting weights in the gym. Would certainly recommend this location, because they really care and want to get you back on your feet as quick as possible, definitely would recommend to anyone.

    ~ Arya 17 ~
  • ACE Physical Therapy is amazing! The facility was clean, organized, and the staff was friendly. Dr. Sharma specifically is phenomenal. He is very knowledgable and significantly helps his patients!

    ~ Lindsay Deely ~
  • Dr. Rieshabh is a great therapist. I’ve spend lots of time in physical therapy playing division 1 football. Dr. Rieshabh is one of the best therapist I’ve seen. He’s very knowledgeable and understanding of athletes attempting to get back to playing sports at a highly competitive level. He goes above and beyond. Ace is great!

    ~ Chad Scott ~
  • Came here for physical therapy after an ankle surgery. Exercises were well tailored to my injury and have me progressing faster than expected. Definitely would recommend!

    ~ Hunter Pack ~
  • One of the very best experiences I’ve had. They’re very friendly and will push you to do you best. Best support ever!

    ~ Victoria Riggle ~
  • Highly recommend ACE Physical Therapy. I visited both the Alexandria and Arlington locations. Rishabh was always friendly and great to work with. He was knowledgeable about my injury and challenged me every day. I am confident with the exercises he gave me, I will heal before too long. I left to move back to California but would have continued my sessions there if I could. Thank you Rishabh!

    ~ Sarah Ramos ~
  • Last September, after right-knee replacement surgery I spent 6 weeks doing pt here and I was so pleased with the knowledge, attention, and care of the Ace team that I returned this March after my left-knee replacement! I could not have returned to full strength had it not been for their help. I highly recommend Ace PTSMI in Arlington!

    ~ Ana Cristan ~
  • Rishabh Sharma is fantastic and the whole office is friendly and professional. I came in with pain in my legs, back, and neck and Rishabh knew immediately the problem stemmed from hip imbalance and tightness. I was already feeling better after one session and after four weeks I have no pain and am already back to running, volleyball, and regular exercise. I feel better and have more range of motion than before my back pain even started. Rishabh Sharma and his staff are incredibly helpful, pushing me through exercises and assigning exercises to continue at home, but they also made physical therapy fun. I would highly recommend Ace Physical Therapy in Clarendon.

    ~ Natilee Festa ~
  • Great place ! The right balance of pushing you and laughing with you during rehab. Flexible and understanding with last minute scheduling changes. Thanks team!

    ~ Ry H ~
  • Great place, good equitament and people helping. Espcially for athletes it’s a great place.

    ~ C Joseph GTL ~
  • Great place for physical therapy! Really helping my leg, and it’s convenient that they have appointment times before work starts during the week.

    ~ Michael Callahan ~
  • The whole team is awesome. They were able to fix my shoulder and get me back to fully functioning. They were very accommodating and a great environment to come to.

    ~ Rebecca Campbell ~
  • Great place with knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to help you get better!

    ~ Josh Vijayam ~
  • Staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and the other patients create a really enjoyable atmosphere. The PT to patient ratio is higher than some other offices I’ve heard of (you wont get one-on-one treatment the full hour), but I never felt like I wasn’t getting the direction I needed!

    ~ Joshua Tallis ~
  • I had an Achilles’ tendon tear in May 2016 but still felt pain and discomfort after soccer in October 2018. I came to Ace Physical therapy and was given a plan to get back out there soon and pain free. Rishabh (Dr Sharma) is very knowledgeable and will tell you exactly what you need to do. We started strength training for the legs and core to get my body back to pre injury fitness so I stop overcompensating and can play without pain and discomfort. So far it’s been a month and I feel much better (less standing pain, can jog without discomfort). Hopeful for the results of the next couple months!

    ~ Arya Seghatoleslami ~
  • I have been here for x2 desperate injuries and on both times I was discharged after 6 weeks. It was a lovely atmosphere with TVs and magazines and the staff are really friendly!

    ~ Becky Evans ~
  • I chose ACE to rehab my broken patella. We're not finished yet, but with Rishabh's help I'm walking, climbing and descending stairs comfortably again. He's challenging me more each visit, and I hope to get back on the trails with my mountain bike again soon. I definately recommend ACE.

    ~ Kevin Williams ~
  • Staff was wonderful and fun to work with. Very accommodating with my schedule. Highly recommend.

    ~ Rich Slusher ~
  • Incredible experience with ACE PT in Arlington, VA!!! I had ACL reconstruction surgery in April 2018 (ski injury) and was skiing again (completely uninhibited) by Christmas 2018. Rishabh pushes you, teaches patience, and gets you back into physical shape – all while making you laugh. He takes the time to understand your personal goals with recovery and helps you achieve those goals. Obviously, what you put in is what you get out – but Rishabh helps keep you motivated, especially through long periods of recovery. He is incredibly knowledgeable – regardless of the type of injury he’s working with – and has a seemingly endless supply of new exercises to keep you focused. Furthermore, his ability to pay attention to every single patient is unparalleled. He and Nadia make an amazing team and I’d recommend them to anyone searching for a PT!

    ~ Landers Carnal ~
  • I came in to Ace Physical Therapy about 5-6 weeks after ACL reconstruction surgery. I am a fairly athletic person and I left my previous therapist as I was not getting the results I needed to get back to playing sports. That's when I met Rishabh and he has been a godsend. I am back on track with my recovery, maybe even ahead of schedule. I appreciate that he pushes me to my limit and comes up with creative ways to get my muscles working. It's a laid back atmosphere and you will get what you want out of it, Rishabh asks what you are looking to achieve and he will get you there. Not only am I a fan of the workouts but Rishabh is just a genuine guy that keeps a couple TVs running to keep patients entertained.

    ~ Jesse Thomas ~
  • Dr. Sharma is a conscientious physical therapist with good practices to help you on your recovery. He is attentive to applying the right techniques and provides helpful advice. He and his staff are friendly and helpful making you feel welcome to his practice.

    ~ A P ~
  • Rishabh is awesome! Fixed my hockey knee and my shoulder. Also fixed my wife's back. Highly recommend!

    ~ Alex Porfirenko ~
  • Dr. Rishabh has been awesome, he knew exactly how to personalize my exercises to help my injury. The office is great and so helpful. Nadia is so sweet and knowledgeable.

    ~ Vanessa McCann ~
  • If I ever have to get treated again this is the place I’ll be coming back to! Rishab and Nadia and their staff are a lively bunch, they make having to go to physical therapy fun. They certainly know how to get their patients up and on their feet again

    ~ Celia Chadwick ~
  • The staff here are amazing! I have been to multiple therapist in the area thIs by far has address my needs both before and after surgery. My physical therapist, Rishabh Sharma, was incredibly understanding of my concerns from my injury. The PT was challenging and informative. I would highly recommend anybody seeking a PT office to come here.

    ~ Marco Rivera ~
  • The Arlington ACE staff members are fantastic !!! I was referred to them by my husband, who also benefited from going to them. I came to them with a sprained neck that was very painful. After my first visit, I immediately started feeling better. They taught me exercises that I can do at home to strengthen my neck, back, and shoulder areas. Not only are they great at what they do professionally at the Arlington ACE facility, but they are also very personable which makes the time spent there enjoyable. I started referring my friends and colleagues. You will not be disappointed!

    ~ Kathy Farmer ~
  • Very caring and helpful staff. Would go again, but hope not to.

    ~ Evyatar Ben-Asher ~
  • I’ve had a great experience receiving physical therapy for a torn labrum and pec here. Rishabh is always super attentive and a pleasure to deal with!

    ~ Brian Shook ~
  • Great service! Willing to take the the time to discuss goals and work out strategies!

    ~ Victoria Lee ~
  • Started physical therapy a few weeks ago for my ankle and hip and working with Rishabh has helped tremendously! Rishabh and the office staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable

    ~ Cate Allen ~
  • ACE is great. Rishabh designed a plan that targeted exactly what I needed to get back to 100%. I highly recommend him!

    ~ Benson Bratt ~
  • After having surgery four months ago on my shoulder to repair a torn ligament, I was starting to get pretty frustrated with how stiff I still was and not to mention how much pain I was still having. However, after about 3 weeks of working with Rishabh I saw a huge improvement in my range of motion in my day to day. Rishabh is knowledgeable and extremely attentive. He is the only PT in the office, however there are not a lot of patients at the same time. He develops highly effective plans that are patient focused based on their needs and limits. I highly recommend ACE in Arlington and working with Rishabh Sharma.

    ~ Colleen McMahon ~
  • Coming here for the second time round. First was a couple in years ago with Abbey Fecher who was fantastic. Now back for some work on my ankle and can’t say enough good things about the PT Rishabh. Pushing me gently but firmly to my limits and beyond. Recovering so much faster than I thought. Need a PT, you find a really good one here in ACEs Clarendon location!

    ~ Karthik Krishnamurthy ~
  • Great experience. Little to no pain after 3 weeks at ACE

    ~ Andrew Proukou ~
  • This location is perfect for the Rosslyn/Clarendon area. The staff are friendly and very helpful while undergoing PT.

    ~ Beau Newsome ~
  • I've had to get treatment for a few different issues and they've always been great in getting back into action.

    ~ Pat Ramos ~
  • Went here for treatment of lower back pain and have nothing but great things to say about Rishabh and Nadia. Rishabh identified the cause and put me on a strenthening/stretching program, which has helped my back immensely.

    ~ Jimmy Gaughan ~
  • I came to ACE with ACL/other knee muscle damage and didn't know much about knee injuries, considering I never had one. Rishabh examined my knee and explained exactly why I was feeling a particular pain in more detail than my orthopedic doctor. I felt comfortable performing all the exercises Rishabh had laid out for me and was able to regain my strength in great time. I highly recommend ACE! Thank you, Rishabh!

    ~ Angie Reyes ~
  • As a runner, a knee injury was my biggest fear. I started coming to ACE just a few weeks after my injury and was back on my feet much quicker than anticipated. The staff did a wonderful job educating me on what I can do at home to prevent further injuries and set up a program that got me stronger and back to running. I would definitely recommend this office!

    ~ Amanda Kullman ~
  • I have been coming to ACE physical therapy twice a week since August 2015 to rehabilitate my hip following a bicycle accident last July. The staff at ACE create a relaxed and welcoming environment for clients while at the same time demonstrating an outstanding sense of professionalism and experience. I highly recommend their services to anyone.

    ~ Mark Morgan ~
  • Fun and energetic staff made the unfortunate need for PT not only bearable but enjoyable. Would highly recommend!

    ~ Will Davison ~
  • Very knowledgeable staff and fun environment. Was primarily treated by Dr Rishabh

    ~ Khoki Bernier ~
  • Great Place for Physical Therapy. I was referred by the VA to Physical Therapist Rishabh Sharma. I was a little skeptical initially but the staff won me over with their pleasant attitude and attention. They listened, set goals and worked with me to regain range of motion. Really glad I wound up here.

    ~ Kirk Burton ~
  • I recommend this practice. Rishabh is great

    ~ Ann Brandstadter ~
  • I started physical therapy with ACE PT, specifically Physical Therapist Rishabh Sharma, after having foot surgery. I dreaded the idea of PT but quickly found every session to be extremely beneficial (albeit painful). Mr. Sharma is knowledgeable, responded easily and patiently to all my questions, and provided realistic expectations for my progress. As a result of PT, I was able to start working out a lot sooner than I expected and with a lot less pain.

    ~ Kimberly Schmitt ~
  • This place is the place to be. They got me better and all rehabilitated whenever I was injured. Whether it's IT band syndrome or sprained ankles, they know what they are doing and will get you to where you need to be.

    ~ Joseph Kiernan ~
  • I came in with severe shoulder and neck pain. ACE helped in a month with therapy and great at home exercises.

    ~ Lynn Pollock ~
  • Nice atmosphere and careful direction of each movement.I feel more like socializing and chatting with friends than accepting stressful and serious medical cafe.Recommand this place.

    ~ Andrew ~
  • Great therapist with a sense of humor.

    ~ Mike McDaniel ~
  • I would definitely recommend.

    ~ Isabella Frymoyer ~

Fairfax / FairOaks

  • Ace physical therapy in fair oaks is great they are good with each indivdual, The atmosphere is alsome. GOD forbid if something go young again I would pick this physical therapy in fair oaks. THEY ARE GREAT.

    ~ Gwen McLaughlin ~

Falls Church / Merrifield

  • I had acl surgery in October, I though I was going to have a tough transition but all the staff here go above and beyond to help and comfort each and every patient. Our well being is there number one priority. They have treated me well and i will definitely be coming back her if need be.

    ~ Brian Herrera ~
  • Exceptional staff that is very knowledgeable and helpful. I came in with nerve damage to my neck/spine and they not only got me back 100% healthy but educated me on exercises that helped me get stronger and that contributed to me maintaining my health for the long term.

    ~ Cody Jelinek ~
  • Very happy with the post-op rehab treatment I received from friendly staff here at the Merrifield location.

    ~ Michael Connelly ~
  • I had surgery in January and I’m almost three months out and I feel great and that’s because of the Tyson’s team. They push you pass your limits and motivate you all the way. This is an experience that’s life changing. The Tyson’s team truly know what’s best for you and help you achieve your goals.

    ~ EVER Guandique ~
  • The staff at the Tyson’s facility have been great. Unfortunately, I have had to come for therapy several times for different injuries. That being said, the group here has been able to treat me for all the different rehabilitation’s. They are very knowledgeable with all aspects of the body which allows them to treat the injury as well as other parts of the body that impact the injury. The atmosphere is great for rehab. They do a great job of balancing expectations and pushing you to meet those.

    ~ Steve Stotler ~
  • I came in with a pinch nerve in my shoulder due to a work injury. The Tyson team was very supportive and helpful in getting me back to my old self. Actually, with their help I have been transform into a new healthier me. Thanks to them I have joined a gym to better improve my health and strength. I will always suggest this team to anyone that needs this. Thank you to everyone there.

    ~ Andrew Robinson ~
  • The staff at the Merrifield location are super friendly and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond. I have gone to this location twice now for two different sport related injuries. The location is also a bonus too.

    ~ Kathy Carothers ~
  • The Tysons team is outstanding. I injured my shoulder in a fall due to ice a few years ago and I went to physical therapy to a place my health insurance and it was a joke compared to this place. I understand I injury this time is my back but I see how they work out the people who have shoulder injuries. These guys are no joke at this office. They work you and I do mean they work you. They are very encouraging and will also get down and do planks with you. They do understand that some days your injury will hinder your workout but they still stick by you every step off the way. They will not allow you to cheat at all. I hope I never hurt myself again but if I do I hope it is at work so I can come back here again because I know I will get the best possible care there is.

    ~ Karen M. Miller ~
  • I was referred to this group at the tysons office after my work panel doctor sent me for a back and neck injury after a bad car accident. The team is very professional and fun to work with. They treat everyone as family and know physical therapy well. I would not hesitate to return here if I needed their services again in the future.

    ~ Nicholas Casey ~

Herndon / Reston

  • Very pleased with Dr. Tonya at Ace Physical Therapy. I am extremely happy about my experience.Her team is A+ they really take the time to helped me with my back and neck pain, feeling much better every therapy. Thank you so much!! I’m definitely recommending you guys to family and friends!

    ~ Carolinaflores Carolina ~
  • ACE rehab In Herndon Virginia. This is one of the best places to go to get your body back in shape. This place works with you one on one. When I went in to the office I was in so much pain I was crying . They was so patient with me. I'm doing so much better now. Thank you so much for all your hard work that you out to from this office. I would recommend all my family and friends to go there.

    ~ Christina Colbert ~
  • It has been an amazingly wonderful learning experience for me as a physical therapy student at ACE Rehab. I am beyond grateful for all the resources, support and guidance I have received from the staff at ACE Rehab Herdon location. Definitely recommending this place to individuals looking for caring, friendly and knowledgeable therapists in your rehab journey.

    ~ Lily L ~
  • Ace Rehab, did an amazing job in helping my shoulder recover. I highly recommend them, very informative and high energy, loving family vibe with caring therapist. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them!

    ~ Mawadda S. ~
  • My family has been to see Dr. Tonya Mitchell several times over for each of us. I truly appreciated the personal attention and care provided at ACE Physical Rehab. Tonya and her team are excellent at what they do. Super friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. I easily give her five (5) stars.

    ~ Khalid Noori ~
  • Dr. Tonya, at Ace Physical Therapy, always has time for her patients, and really seems to care for their well-being. She treats you as a family member and not just as a number. I would definitely recommend her

    ~ Omar Perez ~
  • It has a great and friendly environment.

    ~ Tante Saah ~
  • I went to Ace rehab some months ago with severe back pain. Doctor Tonya Mitchell has miracle hands. After she worked on me, I felt like new! She’s also very pleasant and personable, I highly recommend Ace rehab!

    ~ kittenhoney21 ~
  • Ace did a great job. My hamstring feels much better. They provide great care and a fun atmosphere.

    ~ Dale Mitchell ~
  • Very pleased with Dr. Tonya at Ace Physical Therapy. I am extremely happy about my experience. She is a very attentive and knowledgable doctor.

    ~ Kevin Alberto ~
  • Ace Rehab always provides great service. Everyone is always friendly and attentive. Tonya is the best!

    ~ Alyssa Alexander ~
  • Very accommodating and patient friendly. Great environment. The staff are understanding and knowledgeable.

    ~ Gabrielle Duse ~
  • I like Dr. Tonya at Ace Physical Therapy. Shevhad provided great medical advice to me over the years.

    ~ ralphael bennett ~
  • Everyone at Ace Physical Therapy are accommodating, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

    ~ Julio Alva ~
  • Dr. Tonya at, Ace Physical Therapy, is knowledgeable , takes her time, and straightforward. Her office team is professional and friendly.

    ~ Early Man ~

Vienna / Tysons Corner / McLean

  • The Tyson Physical Therapist are the best! I came for my shoulder, I was a bit nervous. Prior to my first physical therapy, the therapist came to the room where I was in with the doctor and introduced himself. He took time to explain what the therapy entailed, how therapy was set up and the different apparatus I would use. I am also receiving therapy for my back. What a blessing to have such great therapist who know exactly what they are doing. What a wonderful, well trained and professional team!

    ~ Eileen Wilson ~
  • I recently had knee surgery and currently going through physical therapy at the Tyson’s office. The staff is attentive and care about the progression of their patients. This is my third week and I’ve already noticed a tremendous improvement in my recovery. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of professional quality physical therapy services. The staff is phenomenal!

    ~ Tonya C ~
  • Came to Ace Physical Therapy recovering from a invasive and intense surgery to treat a rare tumor in the ankle. I was lacking strength and a lot of mobility. My first physical therapy place couldn’t get positive results after two months, but the friendly, motivating, and hardworking culture at Ace improved every aspect of my physical health within weeks! The staff are super acommodating and encouraging as well as knowledgeable on how to treat every condition. Would definitely recommend if you’re ready to put in the work to see positive results!

    ~ Kevin Fan ~
  • Came in with a lower back and leg injury all tied to hamstring issues. The therapists here have created a personalized rehab plan that has already made dramatic improvements in my pain and mobility in just a few sessions. They have a spacious facility with great people! I highly recommend their services to all.

    ~ Aaron Rogers ~
  • This place is phenomenal!! The staff is knowledgeable, caring , attentive and very experienced!! Without an exception. My son awni is 8 and had pain in his knees from playing basketball. They did some evaluation and immediately they came up with a plan for him. He is responding well to the therapy . They treat him as if they treat their own kids with alot of care and patience. I wish I can have them work with my son forever.

    ~ yazan jarrar ~
  • Summer of 2019, I got a total knee replacement, so I came to ACE for my physical therapy. I chose this facility, not having met any of the therapists, simply because I work in Tyson’s and the location is convenient. Everyone was awesome, and I actually looked forward to going to PT! It was hard work getting my strength and mobility back, but they honestly made it feel like fun. Fast forward to summer of 2020, and I got my other knee replaced. There was no doubt in my mind which PT facility I would use. I walked back in to ACE for my rehab and was warmly greeted by everyone, even though a year had passed since they had seen me. The professionalism combined with the warm, friendly atmosphere makes ACE stand apart from all other PT facilities I have used. I highly, highly recommend them.

    ~ Linda Gillis ~
  • The therapists at Ace have done a great job helping me recover from shoulder surgery. We are working on getting my range of motion back and building back up some strength. The take the time to craft individual strategies for each patient, with the flexibility to adjust as we go. I ran into a rough patch with some pain for a couple weeks and no biggie, they toned it down and helped me through it. My thanks to the team there.

    ~ David Versaw ~
  • Great place and awesome staff. I had a knee surgery in Nov. Now it’s been little over month and I am back on my feet. Mike and Adam are great with their patients. They explain on what to expect before the next visit and give tips on how to get back to normal at the earliest.

    ~ chandra shekhar ~
  • I injured myself and suffered a torn rotator cuff from playing tennis. Dr. Chandra and his PA did a marvelous job repairing the tear. I’ve been going for my PT 3 times a week and I enjoy every minute in there! They treat me like family; I don’t even feel that I’m putting in the hard work because they make it so much fun! Excellent place to recover and get stronger.

    ~ Eric Diy ~
  • Everyone at Ace appears to enjoy their work, which helps create a positive, supportive, and motivating environment. The Ace team added more challenging exercises at each session while still ensuring I felt comfortable and did not push too hard. Through regular PT sessions and daily exercises at home, I regained my range of motion on the timeline they predicted at the outset. I did not observe what other reviewers described as intolerance of non-native English-speakers, but rather saw a real effort on the Ace team’s part to be culturally sensitive and demonstrate how to do exercises safely when the patient didn’t understand verbal instructions. Mornings can be busy and I tended to receive more personal attention during my afternoon appointment, so patients who require more assistance may want to schedule their appointments accordingly.

    ~ Haley G ~
  • After receiving a right TKR on Sep 8 2020. I came to this Physical Therapy location and received extensive therapy from professional experts. I am very pleased with my progress and the different techniques that is offered to fit my individual needs. This is a very friendly and professional atmosphere. I would definitely recommend coming here for any of your rehab needs.

    ~ Katrina Hutchinson ~
  • I was treated here a while back for a knee issue. After the first session, I was already out of my knee immobilizer and I continued to improve with each session. I‘ve now returned 2 years later for the same issue. The sessions are appreciate but worth it. Great therapists! Highly recommend!

    ~ Asha Jackson ~
  • I've been coming here since my work injury and I have had the best experience. The therapists always make sure that I am comfortable and work with me to improve the mobility of my back. They always ask how I am doing and how the pain has been and I really appreciate that. It shows that they care and they want to know how I feel before I begin a session. Every session they go above and beyond to support me and cheer me on during sessions. My back has already been improving. They are very knowledgeable and shape your sessions based on your goals, how you feel and their goals for you. I highly recommend going to see the therapists here for the best treatment possible!

    ~ Danielle Sanchez ~
  • COVID delayed my post-op PT after having hip surgery back in November 2019. Although I had enough PT to do daily functions, I was an avid runner before my injury and my goal has been to run again. I started running again thanks to the help of this office! The physical therapists are all great and so very friendly. They will listen to your concerns while ensuring you are getting the most out of your sessions.

    ~ Gwendolyn Carmichael ~
  • The team at Tysons are excellent! They explained the benefits of each exercise and suggested in home activities to strengthen my shoulder. The office is spacious, safe and comfortable. The staff is competent but fun. I highly recommend!

    ~ Melissa Willis ~
  • Was referred to ACE @ Tysons, VA after a knee surgery. Great atmosphere, good strengthening and conditioning. I found the therapists to be very helpful, engaging and light hearted. I felt progressively better each week after the surgery.

    ~ K.D. P. ~
  • The Team at ACE PT is fantastic! From the start they support you on your path to wellness. Their approach doesn't simply focus on healing the injured body part. It builds the strength of all the body parts in the chain. You know "The leg bone connects to the knee bone..." The Team is friendly and professional, and seems to know exactly how much you can do. And they have solid COVID protocols.

    ~ Amy Muench ~
  • I came in to see the therapists at Tyson's with back severe back pain. Within a few sessions the back pain subsided significantly. The staff there was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I'd definitely recommend this place to folks.

    ~ Mark Thom ~
  • The therapists at ACE Tysons helped me with a strained back, helping alleviate tension and build strength. They were respectful and attentive, and did a better job explaining the source of my pain than the doctor.

    ~ Caroline Malin-Mayor ~
  • Ace in Tysons Corner is a great, positive, can-do, physiotherapy environment. The team are excellent, caring, involved and will help you to heal - no matter what you broke, tore or strained. While I hope not to injure myself again, if I do, I will be headed back to the team at Ace in Tysons.

    ~ Colin C ~
  • Came here post ACL surgery two months ago and still going for at least another month until my knee heals enough for me to workout strictly on my own, do more high impact cardio, etc. They are professional but create a fun atmosphere to workout in which is good especially for someone like me who is past the initial I can barely move phase. The staff get to know you and talk you through your progress and gauge it to add or change up your workouts so you don’t get complacent. It’s worked great for me so far as my progress is ahead of most according to my research and the doctor I see here. I believe they’ll have me back to playing tennis sooner than later! Eager to getting back to what I love and I believe I came to the right place to make that happen.

    ~ Jason Derr ~
  • I’ve been going for PT to this team since 2012 and they have been excellent. My coworker initially referred them to me when I worked in Tysons Corner. I now live in Gainesville and there are plenty of PT offices there, but none of them have provided the awesome service and knowledge that the Tysons office has. I have gone to them for knee, back, shoulder issues from sports injuries and they have always helped me get back healthier and stronger then before. I highly recommend this PT team and still continue to go to them today.

    ~ ODUMonarch00 ~
  • I had a shoulder surgery and the therapist made sure that i got a stronger than ever.I would highly recommend this physical therapy place

    ~ Mohamed Koroma ~
  • The Tyson’s Corner team is great. They’re very professional, knowledgeable and supportive of my recovery. It’s a great environment to heal and get your strength and flexibility back. I highly recommend them.

    ~ Bethany Allen ~
  • The therapists at ACE Tyson’s are excellent. Well coordinated staff in a large, clean facility. They got me back to normal after surgery, and were very respectful throughout the process. I highly recommend them!

    ~ Nathan Rutledge ~
  • I really recommend this please, they treat you like a family member. Therapist and doctors are friendly, patients.

    ~ Jose Roridriguez ~
  • Great service and gets you back to pre injury status quickly. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

    ~ Katharine Warren ~
  • I've been wrestling with a knee injury since January. As a 27-year old still in his prime, I can tell you it's frustrating as hell. One of the only moments where I feel at peace and in the zone is when I'm at PT in Tysons with Ace Physical Therapy. I get respect, some jokes, and an all-around healing time where I know I'm pushing my limits and getting better. The staff are respectful and knowledgeable, and the facility is never over-crowded. Highly recommended to anyone who's wrestling with a problematic injury.

    ~ Robert Tucker ~
  • I came for a rotator cuff repair. I've on therapy for like 6 weeks and the people that work there is friendly and treat you like a family.

    ~ Fredy Rodriguez ~
  • I love the staff here. They have been so helpful in my recovery and are very motivating. Because my injury was related to my job, I was very worried about being able to go back to work and do my job - but with their help and guidance I am now working again. I could not say enough good things about this group of employees. It is an amazing place to recover.

    ~ Rachel Burson ~
  • Fab PTs - friendly and professional. Achilles on the mend and feeling great

    ~ Katie Ambrosini ~
  • The staff here have been outstanding since day one in February! From the front door to the folks in the back! Even during this pandemic, the personality of the office has not changed! They have been visually cautious & compliant with guidelines (fever check, washing of hands upon entry, sanitizing equipment & areas) to make patients feel comfortable and safe! I live in Landover and am happy that I decided to continue with the drive for the service!

    ~ Davina McCoy ~
  • I came to the Tysons office with the hip pain and the therapist at the office make sure that I did all the proper exercise with the right form and my hip pain is gone now really good place really recommend it

    ~ Neville Mendonca ~
  • Great experience with the therapists at Ace. They really provide individualized service for each person. Everyone is also really friendly and it's a fun atmosphere!

    ~ Ashley Bashur ~
  • The team here really helped me recover from my ACL surgery, which was really difficult. I tore my ACL playing soccer and was struggling to recover in time for the start of the following season, and without these ACE pts im not sure I would have done so. It meant a lot that they were always so willing to help me! They are very knowledgeable in what they do.

    ~ Emma Engels ~
  • The team here was just that an actual team. They all worked together to help my hamstring heal and heal strong! I pulled my hamstring on a sprint play soccer and came in with a limp. Each member was knowledgeable and answered my many questions each session to help me heal in a timely manner. The facility is well equipped and had the necessary tools to help me improve. As well each team member is personable, has great customer service and their own unique senses of humor. Instead of selecting the first pt place on my insurance website I did some research and the google reviews for ACE@tysons are pretty accurate. Worth the research. I’d recommend coming here for you physical therapy needs

    ~ Sydney Thom ~
  • This one of the best place to do your physical therapy. The team is knowledgeable, positive, encouraging, tough and easily the best with all good ingredients. They know their patients well, understand their strengths and work towards strengthening it. The one hour with them may be one of the hardest time L, but believe me it works like magic and personally I am recovering so well in short time. I give 5 star to the team !! All the best

    ~ Balaji Radhakrishnan ~
  • I felt "at home" from the first day I started doing therapy. The trainers are very hilarious and know what they are doing! You can see the experience from everyone. They really motivate you to work and you can tell they have your best interest at heart and are always willing to coordinate with your schedule. If the trainers weren't so fun to be around, I probably wouldn't come as much, but they make u want to be there. Great facility!

    ~ SHU SHOTTA ~
  • Came in with some shoulder pain and had never done physical therapy before. Both staff members I worked with were helpful and attentive. They also gave me a long list of exercises to do at home to keep up recovery and some materials to help out with it. Definitely will help with my form when working out moving forward, I’m glad I decided to pursue therapy here.

    ~ Doug Henderson ~
  • The team at ACE physical therapy goes above and beyond to ensure you experience a complete recovery. Their knowledgeable staff patiently answers any questions and concerns and seek ways to challenge you during each step of your recovery. My sessions have become a highlight of my week - I truly feel like family here. Would recommend again and again!

    ~ Amber Reini ~
  • Excellent Service!!!!! This location of ACE Physical Therapy is absolutely wonderful. The environment is clean, professional, and friendly. They care about their patients and will push them to do the best. They understand that physical therapy is a recovery road and try to make the best out of the journey. The therapy assistants at this location are attentive and make sure you are doing each exercise correctly. If you have any questions about your treatment, please feel free to ask. The center staff is knowledgeable and will make sure you understand all issues or concerns you may have. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    ~ Renie Spriggs ~
  • I went in for a lingering back pain from pregnancy. The whole team of physical therapists is really on top of their game and make the session worth your time. They concentrate on your form and correct it as needed which was a key requirement for me. In just 3 weeks of PT twice a week, I started to feel the difference. Dr. Chandra is wonderful as well. Definitely recommend!

    ~ P Desai ~
  • I came in for a strained right hamstring and the team here was excellent and extremely helpful and friendly. Even though it was difficult because of my injury, they stuck with me and helped work through it. I’m slowly but surely getting better and I really appreciate their support and attention to detail. I definitely will be recommending they facility to anyone that needs physical therapy. GREAT JOB Ace Physical Therapy Team.

    ~ James Stewart ~
  • The Tyson's team is great! I came in 5 weeks post ACL surgery and they really push me to my limit and focus on strengthening. If you voice your concerns/problem areas they will listen and cater the work out to your needs. When there aren't too many patients, they definitely try to focus on you and it feels like having a personal trainer. Would recommend!

    ~ Susanna Yu ~
  • I came to Ace physical therapy in Tyson’s with a knee injury and the team here has been great at guiding me through my recovery. They are very knowledgeable and patient with just the right amount of “push” to make sure you are progressing in your recovery. I highly recommend the team here.

    ~ Larry Shapiro ~
  • I have had a great experience here rehabbing my shoulder trying to regain stability before trying surgery. The staff is very attentive, encouraging and supportive. The exercises have helped a lot and after a few weeks I feel much better than I did when I came in.

    ~ Matt Krauser ~
  • They are amazing and really work you hard! They care about your personal goals and really push you to reach your full potential. I tore my Acl and meniscus. I have been with them for 2 months and I’m so much better and improving soo quickly. It’s hard and they don’t go easy on me but that’s why I’m improving fast. I couldn’t think of a better team to have supporting me in my path of getting better.

    ~ Madelyn Palencia ~
  • After a knee injury I started physical therapy here (under the advice of my doctor). The whole team is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, attentive and tough! They will push you when you need to be pushed but, at the same time, they know when you have reached your "limit". They are helping me avoid surgery so I like it when they push me harder... WITHOUT HESITATION I would give them a 5-star and an A+++ rating. And if I had to do PT again (With their help it looks like I won't have to ) I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    ~ Eric Mangual ~
  • Great place. Even better people. 10/10 recommend. A staff who become good friends with their patients. In the process of healing my back injury and I am thankful to have been recommended this facility.

    ~ Jade ~
  • Tyson’s ACE is the best! Came in with tendinitis in my knee and barely able to walk up and down stairs. They are so helpful and have lots of good exercises and tips. Definitely would recommend!

    ~ Olivia Prillaman ~
  • The team here is great. I’m a former athlete and it very much feels like a training room from high school or college. Lots of joking around and positive reinforcement.

    ~ Michael Turk ~
  • The whole team at ACE PT in Tyson's was fantastic! Knowledgeable, friendly, accessible and much more. After my shoulder surgery I was a bit apprehensive about choosing a place for PT as my surgeon did not have any recommendations in the area, but by the end of my first session it was clear that I had made the right choice. Everyone there cared about what they were doing and took their work seriously but they also made the time spent extremely enjoyable.

    ~ Luke Sampson ~
  • The team at ace were very useful, they helped me get my back pain down to nothing. Their physio therapy sessions were very good and helpful understanding what needs to be worked on. They told me that I need to strengthen my core which was a very good advice. Thanks for all the help

    ~ vignesh senapathy ~
  • I came in to the office with great back and leg pain. Team @ Tyson’s location helped me with right guidance to heal my pain. In less than two weeks I am back on my legs walking and now feeling great. I strongly recommend this location for physical therapy.

    ~ Ra Th ~
  • I came in back in July 2019, only 2 weeks after having a knee osteotomy. This team has treated me with nothing but the most professional and empathetic care. I have almost a full range of motion and have been pushed further than I thought I could go in such a short time. They treat me like family and I would recommend them to anyone.

    ~ Jennifer Harris ~
  • The staff at ACE Tyson’s are extremely knowledgable and attentive. They’ve consistently pushed me during every appointment to help get me back to my training after my injuries. Highly recommend this location!

    ~ Kaitlin Weathers ~
  • I have been doing physical with them for 15 years in and off now, they have always been professional and have worked with my enitre family. They have the right amount of pushing and support to get you on track as fast as possible. A good example is they are like coaches. There to teach you how to get back to your activities the saffest and fastest way possible.

    ~ Andrew Schmitt ~
  • Fantastic place for physical therapy. Family oriented environment and very knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this place if you want to move better and feel better again.

    ~ Lucinka V ~
  • The Tyson’s location is conveniently located across from Tyson’s Mall and there is always ample parking. The entire team is friendly, welcoming and professional. The team was extremely accommodating with scheduling appointments. I received one-on-one training for my injury and made a full recovery. I would definitely recommend these professionals to others.

    ~ Kathryn Garmon ~
  • My 16 year old son was literally carried in to his first PT appointment (in extreme pain) and 6 weeks later is walking, albeit with a limp...but walking on his own! The therapists are fantastic! They were careful not to push too hard too soon, but just hard enough. They understood the severity of the injury and responded accordingly, always giving my son their full attention as if he was the only one in the room. These therapists are wonderful and I would highly recommend them!

    ~ Natashi Anthony ~
  • I highly recommend this place; I had a car accident and hurt back and shoulder and n Co muscles. The team and the doctors here really look out for your interest and getting you better. The therapy team is so sweet and fun while they work you out and they get you better. One thing that stands out about this place is that my doctor makes rounds to the therapy room and keeps up with your progress even when you don’t have an appointment scheduled. I really feel stronger and better and I look forward to keeping up with what they ask me to do.

    ~ Sana Malik ~
  • I had a really great experience working with this knowledgeable team. I heard about them from my coworker after I sprained my knee. She gave them a rave review as well, mentioning each team member by name, so grateful for all of their help. They definitely have a personal touch. They're very encouraging and push you to give every work out your all. I felt very comfortable every session I attended because they are so attentive and fun going.

    ~ Ryan Elizabeth Roach ~
  • Great team here in Tysons. Very patient, and great at modifying exercises to fit your pace and abilities. I’ve been surprised at how quickly I’ve regained function and strength from my injury under the instruction of the staff here (both during PT, and with “homework” exercise guidance). Highly recommend for all types of leg & foot injuries.

    ~ Logan Struve ~
  • The team at Tyson’s really work hard to get you back in shape. They push you hard but make it fun. They not only work on the injured area but they ensure the rest of you body is working as well. They are a caring group that listens to what you say and helps you achieve your goals.

    ~ Susan Noack ~
  • The team at ACE has been nothing short of amazing after my Achilles repair. I’ve worked with three different instructors and all three have been on top of my recovery without missing a beat. They genuinely care about helping you get the most out of each session and not just simply going through the motions. On top of this, the light-hearted environment makes coming in at 6:30am a lot easier and less of a chore. If you’re looking for a place to start or continue your recovery, I can not recommend ACE Physical Therapy at Tyson’s Corner enough.

    ~ Randall Weekes ~
  • I cannot give enough praise to the team over at ACE. I went in three weeks ago with debilitating pain from a pinched nerve and I literally saw improvement after each session. These guys know their stuff and the culture makes you want to work hard. Keep up the good work!

    ~ Ziad Albermani ~
  • Very great experience with the team at Ace in Tyson’s. The very professional and knowledgeable therapists were essential to my recovery. Over the course of 5 months the team was there to constantly push me and tailor the exercises to individual needs. Any rehab process is full of ups and downs and having a team there to support the journey was great! I would highly recommend Ace to friends and family.

    ~ Matt Dawes ~
  • Ace Rehab has been great for all of my family’s physical therapy needs. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and personable - each staff member really knows their stuff and help move you through the routine without rushing or overextending you. We’ve been extremely happy with all of our experiences at Ace Rehab.

    ~ Vienna Lynches ~
  • Truly great practice! They helped me to go through my recovery after my shoulder surgery, staff is professional and friendly. Even though I was never on time and for the most times I showed up unscheduled it was never a problem - big help with my busy schedule! Highly recommend these guys!

    ~ Julia Alex ~
  • I first starting coming to Ace physical therapy after shoulder surgery on my left shoulder. The team here got me back to work, a lot stronger and than ever. I injured my right shoulder, and I’m looking forward to the same this time. The team here keeps you motivated, and have great expertise on how to get you better. They really know how to bring the best in their patients. I highly recommend Ace Physical Therapy!

    ~ drew Gilbert ~
  • Went here for torn meniscus. Great for my rehab. All the folks are super supportive and positive while they push you hard thrthro the workouts to help you get better. Really like how they add more and more complexity to my workout as I get better. Can't wait to finish and get back to playing sports

    ~ Danny Christian ~
  • Started doing physical therapy here after I tore my meniscus. The team is great, very patient in answering all my questions and explaining the different moves and exercises. Everyone is attentive and helpful. Working with them has definitely sped up my recovery.

    ~ Samantha Demetriou ~
  • Super helpful and knowledgeable with my rehab process while also being blunt an realistic. Definitely a spot I would use again for future surgeries.

    ~ Robert Tartt ~
  • The Ace Physical Therapy team is awesome. I came in with a meniscus tear, and thanks to them, I’m basically back to doing everything that I want to. I would recommend this place to everyone! Surely, a five out of five star place. Awesome workers!

    ~ Teresa Ambrosius ~
  • I have been coming to therapy for my knee which I injured at work. I found out that I needed surgery. The staff, and the therapist have been great. They prepared me for my surgery by continuing to get me stronger. I finally had my surgery, and I'm looking forward to getting better,and stronger. I believe with the staff's help. I will achieve this. I would definitely recommend them. I would give them 1000 stars if I could.

    ~ Ionut Ciobotaru ~
  • My clumsy self has had multiple experiences with physical therapy for various injuries, and my experience here has by far been the best. The team is amazing and focused on getting everyone back to their full potential. I can't say I've ever been excited before to get a full body workout, but yet I find myself actually looking forward to these appointments. Everyone's positive and encouraging attitudes have really made my journey an enjoyable one and I can't wait to get released back to full duty better than ever!

    ~ Jennifer Ackerman ~
  • I came in with a nagging IT Band injury that was preventing me from running and other activities. I have been to PT in years prior, but the workout and attention I received at Ace was unparalleled. I left feeling much stronger and more confident, and had a plan of action with which to recover. Unlike what many other PT’s offer, the workouts we did were challenging but in the best way - and the staff was always helping to ensure the exercises were being done correctly. If you want to recover right, come here!

    ~ Olivia Vietor ~
  • ACE is the best! They’re knowledgeable in all aspects of sports PT and more. They’ve helped me with 2 knee injuries and brought me back to 100% each time. Believe me, it’s hard work, but they’ve pushed me beyond the limits I thought possible. Highly recommend.

    ~ Rachel Watson ~
  • I can’t recommend ACE PT Tyson’s highly enough! They are professional, caring, and effectively help their patients recover! I look forward to coming in and enjoy the exercises and atmosphere!

    ~ C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa ~
  • I have had a great experience working with the staff from the moment I walked in with pain through my rehab. I highly recommend this place! Within days they were able to significantly reduce my SI joint pain, get my body moving in a more efficient and functional manner, and place me on a training program that has gotten me back to working out regularly. ACE PT does a fantastic job at addressing the issue, the underlying problems that are causing the issue, and then prescribing treatment that is functional whereas some other PTs I've been to only address the issue and do very little to address the underlying cause. I specifically appreciate how ACE PT focuses on the functional aspect of therapy and has you moving and strengthening your body versus merely getting heat, stem, and then stretching you out. Thanks for all the help ACE PT and while those sliders hurt, I'm glad you make me do them.

    ~ Vernon Ruiz ~
  • Everyone is extremely friendly, respectful, and pushes you to recover from your injury/surgery safely and efficiently. Really enjoying going through my physical therapy here. Highly recommended.

    ~ Hunter Lord ~
  • Great experience here. Everyone is professional and went above and beyond to help strengthen me as well help me gain 100% use of arm. I recommend ACE to anyone needing physical therapy and rehabilitation!!!

    ~ Sean Brown ~
  • This is my 4th time here for various ailments and they do an amazing job. It’s a great atmosphere and I always have fun. I feel like Mike, Adam and the rest of the team care about getting me back to full strength. I recommend ACE Physical Therapy to anyone in need of PT.

    ~ Chris McGrath ~
  • Great Team!! Cares about you getting better and will make sure to target the areas impacting you. I got in a car accident and hurt my back and shoulder and so far they have done a great job building up strength in those areas and making sure I feel fine while they do so.Would highly recommend

    ~ Shea Salloum ~
  • I've been dealing with a serious illness for 7 years now and seen MANY different types of medical professionals. ACE Physical Therapy in Tyson's Corner is one of the best facilities I have come across. They are realistic, honest and genuinely care about their patients. They take into consideration all the variables specific to YOUR case before creating a plan for you. I highly recommend the team here. You won't be disappointed.

    ~ Melissa Jan ~
  • The Ace team has been great so far getting my shoulder back in shape after surgery. The whole staff is nice and helpful and I started seeing improvement almost immediately. Definitely would recommend coming here for any rehab needs.

    ~ Spencer Wilson ~
  • The team did an amazing job with my physical therapy. They pushed me to go beyond what I thought was possible. Each visit, was harder yet seemed easier. Thank you Ace Physical Therapy!

    ~ Carol Dieterle ~
  • Several of my family members and I have worked with APT Tysons after injuries over the years. The therapists are friendly and push you to get the most from your rehabilitation. There has been continuity over the years as well which is a plus. Some of my favorites (and the best) who worked with my son after an injury in 2012 are here to assist me in recovering from a recent injury. Thank you!

    ~ Erin Fisher ~
  • Awesome group of physical therapist! They work well with your injury and help your entire body stay fit. I would highly recommend them!

    ~ Michelle Piehota ~
  • I have been seeing Dr.Chandra and his staff for long time. The staff provide good work out advice and are friendly. Made me work hard to make me strong. I really enjoyed all my therapy sessions with them.

    ~ Pruthvi Nallappareddy ~
  • Ace Tyson's team is great, they really know what they're doing to get the quickest recovery for their patients. Really lucky to have such a great team looking after me.

    ~ Steven Guo ~
  • I have been going to Ace at the Tyson’s location for two months and have received excellent care the entire time. The staff has worked with me one-on-one to provide customized therapy that has greatly helped me heal my injury.

    ~ Stuart K ~
  • Tyson team excellent. I came to therapy with sprained ankle looking forward to get better. I will recommend Tyson office to anyone

    ~ maria chavez ~
  • I have had a very positive experience with this team! An outstanding staff; exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in the field of therapeutic exercise. I was referred to this team of experts following ankle surgery to repair a split tendon caused by a sports injury. From the very first visit I knew this friendly, and talented staff would help me reach full recovery. Over several weeks of care and hardwork they have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend this group of professionals to assist anyone with a physical ailment towards an effective and ultimate recovery.

    ~ Karen Ryan ~
  • These guys are the best! Always friendly and always pushing to be your best. This is the second injury they have helped me recover from, and there is no one that i would trust more!

    ~ Stuart Kaufman ~
  • My experience post surgery with the PT team at Ace Physical Therapy has been exceptional. The team is professionally personal. They really love what they do and care for there patients.

    ~ Dan Fuentes ~
  • I injured my knee and have been participating in rehab for the last month or so. So far I have found only success in getting better due to the staff's passion and care for the health and wellbeing of their patients. Would for sure recommend to anyone in need of PT!

    ~ John Callahan ~
  • ACE Physical Therapy is great! You will see results! They will work you unlike some other therapy places that do not. I have been here for two weeks and see a dramatic difference in the amount of movement I have been able to make with my injury. The staff is wonderful to work with. Highly recommended!

    ~ K Burkett ~
  • Great team. All the therapist work together as a team with your therapy. They encourage and support you through your routine. I love so much I want to continue!

    ~ Vandana Narang ~
  • I came here because I thought I sprained something in my knee and the physical therapy team was so helpful! I felt really welcomed and the exercises they had me doing really feels good. I have a few more sessions with them and I’m looking forward to it!

    ~ Bothina Maraqa ~
  • I started at ACE right after my knee surgeries with very little movement and a lot of pain and concern. But, each and every therapist at Tysons ACE therapy worked with me diligently and kept pushing me while still maintaining a relaxed and jovial environment. I love every minute when I am in there (3 days a week) and look forward to working out every week. I also find very interesting to hear about their span of knowledgeable on the nuances of different surgeries and the their appropriate therapy. I feel I am on safe hands. They work hard and make us work hard. Great place to get better.

    ~ Sumitava Chatterjee ~
  • it was very good! my knee has progressively gotten better thanks to the team, they’re very helpful and nice! highly recommend

    ~ Noemi Reyes ~
  • I found ACE Tyson’s on google after moving over from Bethesda a couple weeks after rotator cuff surgery. The team was able to pick up right where I left off and and exceeded my expectations. The team was able to come up with a custom program for me and my goals with a realistic timeline. By the end of my time with them I was good to go and return back to lifting regularly at my gym.

    ~ Sarosh Asadullah ~
  • I injured my hip in a car accident. I started therapy with Ace Physical Therapy Tysons. The service that I received was excellent. They were very attentive to my injury to strengthen me before I had surgery. After having surgery, they have really worked hard at getting me back on track. I know that people think that physical therapy is very hard, but the professionals at the Tysons office, make you feel like family. I would highly recommend this office for any physical therapy needs. They are excellent! If I could give a thousand stars, I would.

    ~ Luisa Miranda White ~
  • The staff here has been great through my PT journey! They welcomed me in from day ONE! I actually look forward to each session and appreciate their training technique. Kudos to all of you!

    ~ L Strothers ~
  • Came here after labrum surgery and they’ve been great in helping with the recovery process. Highly recommend.

    ~ Brendan With ~
  • I was going somewhere else without any results for months after a car accident. The Tysons location has been phenomenal where they're focused on getting you stronger for faster rehabilitation in addition to pain management. They'll listen to your concerns and make sure you're learning to do things correctly so you can do them on your own. Hope you don't need PT, but if you do, check these guys out first.

    ~ J Woo ~
  • ACE physical therapy has the best team! I had hip surgery a few weeks ago and they work with me multiple times a week to make my hip stronger. The recovery process has been 10x better because of their help. Thanks ACE!

    ~ Lauren Stevenson ~
  • Due to my active lifestyle, I've need PT more than the average. ACE PT & Sport has always helped me get right back on track, every time. The employees are fantastic. They are professional, friendly and very attentive. I would recommend them to anyone in need.

    ~ Frankie Johnson ~
  • Always appreciate the attention received and relaxed atmosphere of ACE at Tysons. If you have the misfortune of needing to go to PT, at least do yourself a favor and go here.

    ~ Brian Stoker ~
  • Excellent! They helped me recover quickly from knee surgery, and they make pt feel like fun. They also have an office in Herndon, which made it more convenient for me.

    ~ Sean Adams ~
  • I really enjoy coming here. Staff are very polite and attentive. I highly recommend this place.

    ~ Jasmin Gomez ~
  • The location and the staff at Tysons are wonderful! I feel very comfortable while doing my physical therapy and they're always very helpful whenever I have any questions or concerns. I would recommend this location.

    ~ Stephanie Guenther ~
  • The team in Tysons is working with me to get my ankle ready for my honeymoon in Paris & Burgundy in late May. I sprained/fractured it about a week ago. This is my first appointment and I’m looking forward to my next one and healing up! Thank you to the staff for being so friendly and helpful! And yes, I’ll do my PT homework.

    ~ Amanda Pride ~
  • I injured my ankle a few months ago and went to the therapy center in Tyson's Corner. I highly recommend them, they pushed me in every possible form to get me back in to my regular activities. I had a wedding to attend within 2 months of my injury and they were able to get me to be able to wear my heels! Their professionalism is one of the top places I have seen! They knew the exact exercise routine I had to do to ensure my full recovery.

    ~ Stephanie Tillison ~
  • The team has been very attentive and understanding. Working with them has made my recuperating much easier. I thank them for their determination to see to it that I receive the care that I need to recover. The guys are wonderful! Thanks so much!!!

    ~ Lori Bell ~
  • This was my first time doing physical therapy and I was recommended to go here by a friend. Amazing team with great energy. The staff really cares about your progress and makes every patient feel comfertable. I’ve noticed great improvements with my shoulder since joining. I truly recommend ACE

    ~ Behbod Ghobadi ~
  • The Tyson’s physical therapy team has been very helpful in my recovery. This is my second reconstructive knee surgery and both times the Tyson’s team has gotten me back to 100% full-speed. Looking forward to a speedy recovery, which these guys will make sure happens.

    ~ Rishi Verma ~
  • I have been using Ace since the late 90s. I have used them for 2 shoulder injuries, 3 knee injuries, 2 back injuries, 2 left hand injuries, 1 right foot injury, as well as multiple other injuries and 3 right arm injuries and 1 back injury for my wife. Each time they were able to get us fixed working sometimes without needing surgery. When surgery would be required, they helped us get better quicker. Their professionism, has been wonderful and their methods have really helped me, which at times can be difficult as I can be a bit set in my ways. When ever I have an issue I am willing to drive the hour or longer drive so that I can have the best I have been able to find. The couple times I tried someone else, I regretted it and had to come to them anyway so that I could fix what wasn't fixed at the other places. It has been a pleasure to work with the Tyson's team and look to continue to do so for as long as I can!

    ~ Jeremy Dove ~
  • The Tyson’s team is wonderful. I’ve been here twice now and both times their expertise has gotten me back on my feet. Thank You.

    ~ Brian Mcmichael ~
  • This place does amazing work!! The people here truly care about getting you back to your peak performance. I’d come back for any physical therapy.

    ~ Amber Ross ~
  • The therapists here in Tyson's Corner are the best!! They really care about your treatments and getting you better.

    ~ Clarinda Risher ~
  • I had a rotator cuff surgery and was fortunate enough to be assigned to the ACE Tysons Corner physical therapy team for follow up rehabilitation. It was apparent from the first visit that those guys are professional, caring, personable and true experts in their field. They work as a team and take time to share information about each patient, so I always felt like a part of a family. I thought coming 3 times a week would be a chore but it turned out to be something I look forward to, especially seeing my tremendous progress from one session to the next. Heartfelt thank you to the whole staff!

    ~ Kasia Helbin Travis ~
  • Team in Tyson is awesome they are taking care of you perfectly, i came in with a knee injury and have gotten a lot stronger. I highly recommend it

    ~ Hania Koudsi ~
  • Broke my pinkie and was sent here to do several weeks of physical therapy. The entire staff - from the physical therapist to the assistants - make what should be an unpleasant experience, as pleasant as possible. Very relaxed enivirinment that always displays professionalism. Staff takes the time to explain questions asked by patients. Scheduling is very easy. I would highly recommend Ace Physical Therapy (Tyson’s location) to anybody.

    ~ David Kozak ~
  • The team at Tysons is a great group to work with. Knowledgeable, professional, and fun. They always encourage you, and treat you like family.

    ~ Sofia Lorenzo - QQBC ~
  • I highly recommend ACE PT Tysons. The staff is knowledgable, kind, friendly and gently tough! I know I am in the best care possible for rehabbing my shoulder after surgery. They push me to work hard but in a way that is caring, reassuring and safe. Excellent!

    ~ Missy Isakowitz ~
  • I hurt my shoulder and I want to physically Therapy at ACE...and the team they have working in the center is very good it being two weeks and am ready to go back. I recommend any and Everybody...

    ~ Randall Hall ~
  • The team at ACE Physical Therapy has been instrumental in the progress that I have made since my injury. They evaluated the initial situation and implemented a suitable regimen. With each visit, they have continued to press for additional progress without surpassing my condition or my ability. Excellent physical therapy facility! Recommended!

    ~ William Kuker ~
  • Been coming to this location for 6 weeks for pre and post surgery therapy on my torn ACL and I’ve seen incredible progress so far. The staff is helpful, friendly, and encouraging and have brought out the best of me during our sessions. Most of all they’ve helped give me the confidence I need to continue progressing even when I’m doing the exercises at home. I look forward to continuing my progress here and getting back to 100%

    ~ Gabriel Villanueva ~
  • I’m currently three weeks post-op for a meniscectomy on my right knee. The team at ACE has been great to work with and the results are showing. They keep the atmosphere light but still push you to work hard to get results. Not only do they help you for your specific injury or surgery recovery, but they promote full body strength as well. I highly recommend this office for your PT needs.

    ~ David Wolf ~
  • This has been incredible experience. Visited this location because of on the job incident....and was only expecting some heat and ice treatment Well....way more than what I expected. My experience made me jumpstart my entire physical awareness....the guys not only worked out my injured areas....the worked out my entire body....which made me aware that i should take better care of my health...After My 3rd week of physical therapy...I noticed injured areas healing greatly and lbs dropped. Even though they work you out pretty leave energized and sweaty. Strongly recommend this location... very comfortable environment

    ~ Nakiea Jones ~
  • My experience here has been amazing, the staff is professional, so helpful & encouraging and always willing to do whatever is necessary to help get me through my sessions even on my toughest days. I can’t say enough great things about this physical therapy group. I would recommend them to anyone for any therapy needs

    ~ Shelly G ~
  • The team at Tyson are amazing folks to help you get back to 100%! Highly recommend using their services!

    ~ Alan Portillo ~
  • First time I came here was more than 7 years ago after a sports injury and surgery. Back then I was very pleased with the profesionalism and also with the one on one patient treatment. I had to start coming back after another sport injury and it was very pleasent to come back here and have the same therapists from years ago. Looking forward for another recovery, same as before. Thanks ACE Physical Therapy

    ~ Leandro mercedes ~
  • This Ace location has been helpful. The staff is friendly and motivated to get you out of pain. They do their best to get people in and out in a timely manner. Ultimately, my long term success will be determined by what I do outside of their care, but they do a great job of laying a foundation for you to get out of pain.

    ~ Zach Pittinger ~
  • Incredibly helpful staff, my knees are definitely stronger after weeks of PT at Ace. I got a good treatment with a fun environment!

    ~ Lari Iantosca ~
  • I started my physical therapy treatment at this center after a surgery on my left shoulder on 2012. I had another surgery on my right shoulder on 2018 and going through the same treatment at the same center. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable about what they do. Very friendly and explanatory about every single movement and activity that I do there, and how it helps me to get better. I’m extremely lucky and very thankful to these people. They help me and people like to get back to their normal life in the best and fastest way. I recommend this center to whoever is in need of physical therapy treatment.

    ~ Amir Afkhami ~
  • I have been receiving PT for a shoulder injury both pre and post surgery. The staff is both knowledgeable and helpful. They have all been a pleasure to work with and would definitely recommend their services.

    ~ J Alford ~
  • The team really helped me improve my shoulder! They were very professional & also made you feel comfortable & at home. Would 10/10 recommend!

    ~ Markus Boyd ~
  • I can't say enough about how wonderful the staff is. I drive an hour to come to this location. I trust them and they treat you like family. Everyone is very knowledgeable and supportive. The facility is clean and well maintained. I definitely recommend the staff and this facility without hesitation.

    ~ Kelley Perconti ~
  • Trainers here are friendly, but aren’t afraid to push you (in a good way).

    ~ Courtney O'Brien ~
  • This is a great place to go. I came in with a weak knee and they helped me learn how to strengthen my supporting muscles. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Great team to work with.

    ~ Michael Mitchell ~
  • Staff and trainers here were extremely friendly and helpful when recovering from my knee surgery. They treat you like family, are very personable, and take time to pay attention to each persons’ path to recovery

    ~ Stephen Kulyk ~
  • Everyone is great to work with. Staff is friendly, with a great sense of humor. Facilities are good (the tables could use juuuust a bit more cushions).

    ~ Jenn Stone ~
  • The staff and therapists here are excellent! Their expertise and professionalism really aid in helping the recovery process. Their encouragement and guidance through what are at times admittedly painful excercises has helped me see a dramatic increase in my range of motion in just a few weeks.

    ~ James Lin ~
  • Great Team at Tysons! I’ve been coming for about 3 weeks for my ankle and I already see a huge difference in mobility and strength.

    ~ Arlisa Whitby ~
  • The team were very friendly and helpful in motivating me and regaining my strength.

    ~ ss rao ~
  • Therapists are the best and very friendly. They are always advising in how to advance towards the best rehabilitation possible.

    ~ Roxana Zambrano ~
  • This has been a good team to work with to get my strength and flexibility back after some knee injuries. The group has been very encouraging and pleasant to work with.

    ~ Kenneth Harbaugh ~
  • Amazing group of people! Will help you recover as soon as possible.

    ~ Johnny Tioco ~
  • The team at Tyson's was great! Highly recommended.

    ~ Patrick Maxwell ~
  • The staff here at Ace have been the most nice, helpful and caring practice that I have been to.

    ~ Evelyn Mendoza ~
  • What a great place to rehab your injury! As a nurse, I am very impressed with the professionalism and wonderful care I have received since I had been injured on the job. I hope to return to full duty soon thanks to the excellent PT dept. here at Ace!

    ~ Karen Greenberg ~
  • This is my first time in a position like this going to a physical therapy office. The guys here are first class and know what they are doing. They built a great relationship and really care about pushing me to recover till I get back to 100%. I feel that the therapy will get me to the place where I need to be and be cofident that I will recover to get back to the sport I love to participate in. Great facility!!!

    ~ Blair Hall ~
  • I have been to this facility twice after separate injuries. The staff is great and they wont let up on you. They will push you to bring out your best and work with you extensively.

    ~ Carlos C. ~
  • The team at this ace location is great. They all push you hard to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

    ~ alex lowe ~
  • The staff and the therapists are great! I have a long road to recovery ahead of me but feel confident that I’ll be back to full health and stronger than ever thanks to everything they have me doing.

    ~ Doug Uhazie ~
  • I am always treated with respect and care. The providers challenge me when I don't think I can push more and I've started feeling improvement in endurance post injury.

    ~ Theresa Sykes ~
  • I love all the people here! I had a bad back injury at work and WC found this practice for me. In just a few weeks it was feeling so much better and I was getting back to my normal activities. It is therapy so it's not always easy but the crew here tries to make it fun.

    ~ Christine F ~
  • The therapists and staff are great. I went to ACE to rehab my knee after an injury from overuse. You get the attention and care you need. They set you on the right path for full recovery. Highly recommend

    ~ Gerard Venida ~
  • They pushes you to bring out the best in you. The staff are very professional and friendly. I strongly recommend them.

    ~ muneer varma ~
  • The staff at the Tyson’s is great.. I injured my knee 7 years ago and rehabbed with them then and I knew who I would go to when I injured it again 2 months ago. They are very encouraging and push me beyond what I think my limits are. It’s been great. They are funny.

    ~ Christina Shaw ~
  • The ACE team is great: friendly, patient and funny. Highly recommend!

    ~ Qiong Tao ~
  • Had an ACL tear.The pre op and post op PT sessions are really helping me.The staff is great and doing a wonderful job to help me recover.I would recommend this place for anybody looking for physio therapy.

    ~ Harish Vattikuti ~
  • The team at Ace pt in Tyson’s has treated me great and has pushed me to get better every time I’ve come here thanks to the crew!

    ~ zach theodore ~
  • I got trampled at a concert about a month ago and hurt my knee. As someone who is young, active, and constantly on the go, this took a HUGE toll on me physically (obviously) and mentally. I couldn’t complete any of my regular activities (e.g. traveling for work, hanging out with friends, working out, even standing in the mirror to do my hair and putting on my shoes). The team was encouraging and patient even with my discouraged (negative) attitude. After following their recommendations and “taking it easy” my knee is healing beautifully. Doctor says I should be back to “normal” in just a few weeks! Just in time to catch the tail-end of fall to rock my fall heel boots! Needless to say, I’m happy and you will be too!

    ~ Jelyn Rocque ~
  • Tore my acl and damaged my meniscus back in October. Did my prehab exercises leading up to my surgery in December. Staff helped me push myself and I felt very motivated. Currently doing my postop rehab here and it’s very easy to stay motivated at this place. Staff is very helpful and motivating, helping you to recover your strength and mobility as fast as possible.

    ~ Eric L ~
  • I can’t be any happier with the team here at Ace Physical Therapy Tysons. They listen to my body, they are gentle and supportive. I am only half way thru my therapy and I am feeling great. Thank you all !!!

    ~ Meg Bandas-Avila ~
  • I came in for Achilles tendinitis and after several sessions I made great progress in recovery and healing. The Tysons team is professional and personable with the care and work they provide patients. If injured again I will be back to without a doubt.

    ~ Jonathan Littles ~
  • Tysons team has taken me from being nearly bedridden, to being able to get around on one crutch just a week after my ACL surgery. They've been a huge help, and I look forward to getting to 100% with them.

    ~ James ~
  • My experience here is awesome. I am looking forward to come in here Monday, Wednesday and Friday for therapy! Awesome team!!! It reall help me to get better!

    ~ Keming Mo ~
  • Had a great experience doing PT out of the Herndon office. Staff are knowledgeable and supportive, and I’m finishing up feeling confident that I can now take my recovery into my own hands. Thanks!

    ~ Jack Jasper ~
  • After a month, the boys at Tyson’s not only focused on strengthening my broken foot, but my entire body. More importantly, the expertise they provide is accompanied by a comradeship reminiscent of my time in organized sports. I may have to hurt myself again just to return. I totally recommend the team at Tyson’s.

    ~ Alberto Dominguez ~
  • I tore my ACL a few months ago and started with ACE the day after my surgery. I was in a lot of pain and dreaded coming to PT at first. Every week the team has encouraged me, pushed me and congratulated me on the success I’ve made. I wasn’t able to do even one full rotation on the bike in my first week and 7 weeks later am doing squats and lunges with weights. I feel great both physically and emotionally. Thank you ACE!

    ~ Maryruth Solomon ~
  • Great staff--friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Made a huge difference with my knee in just 3 visits. I hope I won't need them again but I know where to go if I have more problems!

    ~ John Sarisky ~
  • Tore my bicep and had to get surgery. The whole team at Tysons is great at helping rehab me back into shape. Definitely recommend for anybody who has had an injury that needs physical therapy afterwards.

    ~ Jeremy Rudolph ~
  • Mike and Adam are awesome. Very professional, caring, motivational, and fun to be around. After having surgery on my shoulder these guys have gotten me to the best physical condition that I have been in years with their therapy and PT. I would recommend these guys to professional athletes or your regular Joes. Very nice environment as well. They treat each individual with their own personal care and necessary "motivational" techniques based upon that individuals. I would give these guys 10 stars if I could.

    ~ Willie Dowtin ~
  • I’ve been doing workouts to get ready for an ACL repair surgery and am really grateful for this training facility. The care has been super personalized and they’ve worked wonders in getting my range of motion and strength up.

    ~ Samer Abdelmoty ~
  • I’ve been doing workouts to get ready for an ACL repair surgery and am really grateful for this training facility. The care has been super personalized and they’ve worked wonders in getting my range of motion and strength up.

    ~ Samer Abdelmoty ~
  • I came to ACE PT Tysons pre op for a torn ACL and 2 meniscus tears, I had surgery, and now I am in my post op treatment. The staff here at ACE PT Tysons are nothing less than extraordinary. They treat you with care, they treat you with passion, and they give you the motivation you need to improve on a daily basis.

    ~ nicole papania ~
  • All the staff and therapists are wonderful. I’ve had several injuries and with each one, I’ve received amazing threatment. I have referred several people and anytime someone mentions PT, I tell them I have a place they must try.

    ~ Cheryl Anastasio ~
  • Went to Ace after pulling a hamstring. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I looked forward to going in every morning that I had an appointment. Couldn't have asked for a better PT experience.

    ~ Kevin Shea ~
  • I chose to seek ace physical therapy after 6 months of failed treatment from my last orthopedic surgeon. The personnel training experience was professional and exact to my needs. I did three weeks and was back to 90%. I am so thankful for having chosen to go there for a second opinion, when my previous Doctors only other option was surgery. In and out in three weeks was above and beyond my expectations.

    ~ Ramon Long ~
  • ACE is the best PT place around! Their team has helped me recover from my hamstring tear, now two shoulder injuries and a lower back lifetime injury. Their techniques are not easy to handle and you’ll be in pain, but stick with it and push through and you’ll have a fast recovery!

    ~ David Benson ~
  • Great and friendly staff. This is my second time coming here. First time was 2 years ago for post ACL surgery therapy sessions, this time back for a shoulder surgery therapy sessions. Highly recommend them.

    ~ Amir Delsouz ~
  • Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. All the work done thus far has taken my recovery beyond what has been expected onto the exceptional.

    ~ John Ramos ~
  • The team does a great job working with you individually and has great personalities and attitudes. Highly recommend.

    ~ jamie jill ~
  • Thank you team for all the help, great team, great atmoshpere. Would recommend to friends and family.

    ~ Abdul Khan ~
  • Been coming to ACE Physical Therapy in Tysons Corner since March of 2017 after having surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL IN my left knee. The staff at ACE has been great. They motivated me to give it my all in order to get the most out of PT. The staff is always eager to help. PT can be hard at times, but the staff keeps me focused on the ultimate goal which is getting better.

    ~ Rick Rodriguez ~
  • The staff at Tysons has been excellent since day one. They are personable and very knowledgeable, and the pain I was experiencing has decreased significantly since I started with them.

    ~ Nicole P ~
  • Staff and therapists are great! Noticed a difference almost immediately. I would definitely recommend!

    ~ Pat Twiss ~
  • Team and Staff have been really supportive and friendly. Really helpful with my ACL recovery. Thank you Team Ace.

    ~ Mohsin Vahora ~
  • These guys are amazing! They are helping me To reduce my low back pain and I am feeling much better now! Thank You, ACE team!! You are doing great!

    ~ Daniela Vianna ~
  • The team at Ace Physical Therapy Tysons provides plenty of individual patient attention, positive energy in the therapy room, and confidence building as the exercises are tailored to the recovery. The office is easily accessible, with plenty of free parking, and the staff quickly become like family, making the entire experience that much more beneficial and fulfilling.

    ~ C Dewey ~
  • I'm currently attending ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute in Tysons area for a couple of months and improving each sessions. The staff are fabulous and will push you when needed. Their goal is to get you on your feet 100% but safely. Big thanks to Chandra, Catullo, Mike, Adam, and Rob (for short). I would definitely recommend ACE Physical Therapy to families and friends.

    ~ Reina Wunschel ~
  • The Ace professionals have helped me continue to progress after knee surgery more than I knew I could! They made sure I healed properly and gained strength to be back to my active lifestyle.

    ~ Christie Fleming ~
  • Great staff, best therapist,. They care about you. I tried different places in tysons, but the staff at this location are very caring, and try to ease your pain.

    ~ nooshi Morr ~
  • Staff is great. Had an ACL reconstruction and a high tibial osteotomy around 5.5 weeks ago and now walking without crutches, doing weighted squats, and more or less pain free

    ~ Shishir Bhargava ~
  • Very knowledgeable, versatile and friendly team of PTs. Would highly recommend.

    ~ Phil Schmidt ~
  • Fantastic staff, rigorous but same training, with excellent communication among staff and with patients. If all health care was this good, we would all be healthier and happier in this country.

    ~ Michael McFalls ~
  • Everyone at this place has been absolutely amazing The doctor who performed my arm surgery worked with all the therapists. We’ve been working through a radial nerve injury and the staff has always been incredibly kind and also challenging enough to speed up recovery as much as possible Highly, highly recommend them

    ~ Hapa Siuhengalu ~
  • I have had a great experience at Ace. There is a very positive mood that encourages you to exercise and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

    ~ Greg Babbitt ~
  • I had surgery on my left shoulder about a month ago, and started physical therapy here at Tyson’s. I’m glad to say the service is excellent and every session is progressive, very friendly and attentive and most importantly professional.

    ~ Ryon Mcgarrell ~
  • Came to ACE at the start of a battle with sciatic pain. My first therapy session I couldn’t do any excercises at all and was in tremendous pain. After a cortizone shot in my L5 I started feeling better and made improvements at each therapy session. I’m now a month into my journey and not sure or not if I’ll need surgery, but my therapy at ACE has for sure improved my strength. The Tysons therapists make you feel welcome, comfortable, and are super positive. I leave feeling stronger inside and out. Thanks for everything.

    ~ Andy Bacon ~
  • Great place, great staff that are very attentive to the patient's needs. I would highly recommend to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.

    ~ Tate Tatesons ~
  • The team at Tysons is fantastic! I wouldn’t be where I am in my recovery today without their help.

    ~ Lee West ~
  • This team has a phenomenal work ethic and will get you where you need to be . They are on the same page no confusion and very clear about exactly what’s expected of you when you are on off days to increase your recovery and decrease your chances of re-injury in your future. They care about you and work hard with and for you.

    ~ AV Clanton ~
  • Great friendly staff. My knees are improving every day

    ~ Tanya Richards ~
  • I’ve been here before for my knee and shoulder and back, the team at Tyson’s was great to me! They really helped me recover from knee and surgery and shoulder therapy to get me back into the game !

    ~ Aayana Nedd ~
  • the staff is very welcoming and friendly. theu walked me through the exercises and answered any questions I had.

    ~ Elise von Bernewitz ~
  • Excellent service, looking forward to getting better soon!!

    ~ Rudy Al-Hassan ~
  • Great staff and team - have been a great help to my recovery after a dislocated shoulder.

    ~ Jasmine Chalashtori ~
  • The staff and therapists was very helpful and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend them to anyone that needs rehabilitation after an injury.

    ~ epklc ~
  • Awesome therapists, always making me laugh and making the sessions fun

    ~ Carly Phillips ~
  • The staff has been very professional in helping to gain range of motion and strengthening in order to fully heal my injury after surgery. I would recommend this team and this office for rehabilitation of any injury.

    ~ Carl Hecox ~
  • Friendly group.Listen to what are concerns are and work with us. Would highly recommend!

    ~ Debra Trotman ~
  • Staff is friendly. They are going to help me get my knee/ACL back to where I can do what I want physically.

    ~ Jim Salmon ~
  • I had a femur break due to a car accident and had to get surgery where a metal nail was placed in my leg with screws at the knee and hip. I limped into ACE Therapy Tysons Corner with a walking cane, swollen knee, only able to bend at 90 degrees with LOTS of pain. Due to the surgery, I had a lot of scarred tissue, stiffness in the knee and my quadraceps were inactive. I had also loss over 10lbs since the surgery and was very weak. The Tysons team worked with me to help regain my strength and get motion back in my knee. I am now able to walk without my cane, bend at about 140 degrees (my heel is close to touching my butt!) and I barely have a limp! I don’t even have to take medicine anymore :) The Tysons team did not only focus on my injury; they focused on total body strength. They helped me walk straight and fight mental blocks to get stronger. The energy and effort put into my rehabilitation was remarkable. Great spirit, creative workouts and an emphasis on strength building was exactly what I needed at such a challenging time. I am very pleased with the service and plan to continue my treatment. I would recommend anyone who wants a good laugh and a HARD workout!

    ~ J & A ~
  • Great service, helped rehab my injury.

    ~ Issac Kinton ~
  • Excellent staff, very attentive and professional!

    ~ Alex Walter ~
  • I've been seeing Mike and Adam every week for four months. In addition to getting me better with each session they also keep me laughing during each visit.

    ~ Ed McCarthy ~
  • Professional courteous staff

    ~ Dion Knight ~