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Direct Access

ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute is pleased to inform you that we are now practicing under the Direct Access Law as of July 1, 2015.

For the Rules and Regulations for Practice specific direct access please click here: State Board of Physical Therapy.

Additional information about direct access is available on the APTA website.  Please enter the term "Direct Access" into the search box to access a variety of helpful resources.

The Direct Access Law allows the following:

  • Evaluation by an ACE Physical Therapist and treatment for up to thirty days before requiring a prescription from a physician or other healthcare provider.
  • If you are currently seeing another practitioner for your symptoms, you must the inform the practitioner of the Physician of record and the medical records must be to the identified practitioner. The patient form can be found on the State Board of Physical Therapy website.
  • Your practitioner must send the records to the documented physician within 14 days of the evaluation if the patient has identified a physician. There is no requirement of notification to a physician if one does not currently exist or is not identified.
  • The ACE Physical Therapist may evaluate and treat a patient for the same condition if 60 days have passed since the last direct access initial evaluation for the specific condition. No waiting is required for a new evaluation of a different condition.

Contact our office and schedule a visit to be evaluated by one of our ACE Physical Therapists who is Direct Access Certified.  At your initial visit, you will be evaluated by a Direct Access Certified Physical Therapist. Based upon the nature and severity of your condition, there may be a small possibility that you may be referred to a physician right away for evaluation and further treatment, before starting physical therapy. In most circumstances, however, you will be able to start Physical Therapy treatment immediately and our Physical Therapist will work with you to get you better as soon as possible.

At the end of the 30 days, based upon your progress, you and your treating Physical Therapist will determine together whether it is necessary for you to continue attending physical therapy. In order to continue with therapy, you will need to visit your physician for additional visits to be certified. If you have met your goals for physical therapy, you will be discharged from treatment, and a follow-up appointment with your doctor is not required.