Direct Access

Direct Access allows you to be evaluated by an ACE Rehab Physical Therapist and receive treatment for up to 14 consecutive business days before requiring a prescription from a physician or other healthcare provider.

In order to obtain treatment through Direct Access, you must not have received treatment from a healthcare provider for your particular condition within 90 days.

At the time of your initial visit, you will be asked to designate a physician or a healthcare provider whom you would like to seek treatment from, should your symptoms not improve with physical therapy.  If you do not have a physician, or a healthcare provider, our office can assist you with finding one.  At that time, we will require your written consent to disclose your personal health information, as it relates to your treatment.  Within 3 days of your evaluation, an initial evaluation and plan of care is sent to the provider which you had identified, to alert them that you have begun treatment. 

Based upon the nature and severity of your condition, you may be referred to a physician immediately, prior to beginning physical therapy; for evaluation and further treatment. In most circumstances, however, our Physical Therapist will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan for the next 3 weeks

After the initial 14 business days, a progress note will be sent to your designated physician. Based upon your progress, you and your treating Physical Therapist will determine together whether further physical therapy will be beneficial. In order to continue with therapy at that time, you will need to visit your physician for additional visits to be certified. If your goals for therapy have been obtained, you will be discharged from treatment.  No follow-up appointment with your doctor will be necessary.